BMW Water Injection Coming to Production Vehicles

BMW Water Injection Coming to Production Vehicles


The art of water injection is nothing new to combustion engines. Keeping combustion chamber temperatures down is an effective way to increase horsepower and torque. In fact one of our best selling aftermarket kits are designed to deliver atomized water to your engine. And now according to reports, BMW water injection is coming to production vehicles very soon.

Bosch injection is at the center of the BMW system, and it’s been used in their racecars for quite some time now. The principle of the BMW water injection is simple, delivering a fine mist of water lowers combustion chamber temperature and pressure. This in turn fights off detonation and knock, and allows engine tuners to dial up the ignition in the quest for more power.

Inside BMW water injection technology

Used in their M4 GTS, BMW water injection decreases engine temperatures enough to crank out 49 more horsepower. This is done by raising the boost in the turbocharged engine, increasing the margin of error for BMW engine tuners. And now BMW looks like they will be bringing their water injection technology to the masses.

According to reports from Autocar, BMW production models will soon feature this innovative technology. It will allow them to increase power safely, as well as improve fuel economy. How much will it increase gas mileage? Up to 13 percent according to BMW engineers, for production models that will feature the BMW water injection tech.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, BMW could raise compression or increase boost levels in production vehicles to make use of their water injection. This will provide BMW with the technology needed to increase horsepower and torque without risking reliability issues. Water injection can work on any combustion engine, but it’s best designed for high performance engines.

Specifically engines that produce more than 107 horsepower per liter would be best suited for the BMW water injection system. Of course this also means that you’ll need to fill up on water as well as fuel. BMW claims that their current water injection system allows for 1800 miles without a fill-up.

Bosch water injection systems use distilled water, to reduce mineral deposits and buildup. It remains to be seen how well the BMW water injection system will work in cold climates, but we’re anxious to see it in action.

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