Five Warning Signs that you need new tires

Five Warning Signs that you need new tires


Knowing when you need new tires is an important part of vehicle maintenance. Keeping your vehicle planted on the ground and providing the grip required to keep you safe, you need to know how to check tires on your car. If you are taking care of your vehicle, knowing how to inspect wear will tell you when you need new tires.

Over time your vehicle alignment could also play a factor. As your suspension and shock absorbers begin to age, it can affect how your vehicle ride and how your tires wear.

Knowing when you need new tires can also save you when you install new tires. Without the right level of tire maintenance, you run the risk of ruining your tires prematurely.

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Signs you need new tires

Poor traction – When your tires have worn or have improper wear, you are exposing yourself to significant risk. Your vehicle could lose traction at a crucial period of time. The result could lead to an accident that could injure you or your passengers.

Poor Ride – When you hear weird sounds at speed, or you feel vibrations through your steering wheel, it can be one of the tell tale signs that you need new tires. When you suspect that your tires are causing poor ride quality, don’t hesitate to act. Take your vehicle into a mechanic or inspect your tires for damage and improper wear.

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Damage – When you see problems with the outside of your tire, it’s a dangerous sign. Tire bulges, cracks or even gouges in your tire or sidewall can cause tire blowout. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that tire blowouts account for roughly 11,000 car crashes each and every year. Don’t let yourself become a statistic and use this guide to learn when you need new tires.

Excessive Wear – If you’ve just installed new rims, or lowered your vehicle chances are your alignment is bad. Over time your suspension components can also sag, contributing to the problems of tire wear. Left uncorrected, it will cause the inside or outside section of your tires to wear faster, which could render your tires useless.

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Fix this problem by taking your vehicle into an alignment shop, and make sure to rotate your tires frequently.

Improper tire inflation – If you have the wrong tire pressure, it can also ruin your tires. Whether your tires are under inflated or over inflated it will cause some serious safety issues. If your tires are improperly inflated, it will also cause them to wear improperly which will cost you money.

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Under inflated tires can cause damage to your sidewall. Over inflated tires can cause premature wear. Either condition is not a desirable driving condition.

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Buying new tires – When you know you need new tires, it’s time to replace them. When buying new tires, make sure to replace all of them especially if you need a new alignment. New tires will increase your traction, and ensures that your car handles better and has better ride quality.


Use these tips to understand how to check your tires. You’ll know when you need new tires to keep yourself safe. By inspecting your tires on a monthly basis, you can prevent long term problems and keep your car riding smoothly.

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