How To Service a Honda Civic Ignition Switch

How To Service a Honda Civic Ignition Switch


When your Honda won’t start, there’s a long list of components to test. One of these is what activates your starter and engine, which is the Civic ignition switch. This switch is located inside of your steering column and is activated by your ignition key. When you insert your Honda key and turn to the “START” position, the Civic ignition switch activates your starter.

Because the Civic ignition switch is basically a plastic switch with contacts in it, over time this part can fail. When this occurs you’ll be greeted with no sound when attempting to turn on your Honda. If your Civic ignition switch fails, your Civic won’t start and can strand you out in the middle of nowhere.

Today I’ll be showing you how to service the Civic ignition switch in a 1996 EX. This Civic does not start currently because the internal components of the switch have broken. In order to replace this part you’ll need a replacement Civic ignition switch for your particular year, make or model.

Civic ignition switch 31

If your Honda won’t start, but you hear your starter clicking you’ll need to troubleshoot the starter itself. However if you are sure that your Civic ignition switch is the culprit, use these instructions to replace it.

How to Replace your Civic ignition switch

As previously stated the ignition switch in your Honda is located in the center console or steering column. In order to access this part in your Honda Civic, open your driver side door and get your Phillips screwdriver ready.

Civic ignition switch 2

If your Civic has tilt steering, pull on the lever and push the entire steering wheel downward. This gives you enough space to operate. Now remove the rear Phillips screw shown above.

Civic ignition switch 1

Once you have the rear screw removed, you can remove the front two screws shown above. Your Honda Civic steering column cover is a two piece unit. In order to remove both halves, you’ll need to depress the sides of the top half.

Pry open the Honda Civic steering column cover, and gently pull open the lower cover over your ignition key hole.

Civic ignition switch 4

Once you have the center steering cover of your Civic removed, you should be able to see your Civic ignition switch. Follow the wires back and you should have two connectors that go to your dash harness.

Civic ignition switch 33

Unclip both of these harness connectors, and you are ready to unscrew the Civic ignition switch. Undo both Phillips screws on either end of the plastic ignition switch. Gently pry off the ignition switch and you are halfway done. When you have your replacement Civic ignition switch, you can install and mount it.

Make sure to test the switch before you reinsert your screws. If the replacement Civic ignition switch works great, go ahead and tighten down the screws. Now that you’ve got a new Civic ignition switch installed, you can close up your Honda steering column.

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