How Blown Turbo Gaskets Reduce Horsepower

How Blown Turbo Gaskets Reduce Horsepower


Like any part in your automobile, turbo gaskets play a vital role in the overall efficiency of your turbocharger setup. Over time and heat cycles, these gaskets can blow and cause your turbo to leak. Although many people just ignore their blown turbo gaskets, it can severely impact your vehicle horsepower and performance. If you’ve got a pesky turbo leak, here’s a look at just how blown turbo gaskets can harm your vehicle.

Before we get into the symptoms of blown turbo gaskets, let’s look at the reason why these gaskets blow in the first place. The reason why turbo gaskets blow out is because they are mostly made from paper and graphite. Most manufacturers use graphite gaskets that are comprised of multiple carbon based elements. While this ensures a positive seal when the gasket is new, over time the graphite gasket will become burned, warp or even blow out.

So the next time you are in your turbo vehicle and hear a nasty exhaust leak, you may want to consider replacing the blown turbo gaskets. If you happen to own a JDM engine swap or one that’s high mileage, it’s a good idea to check your gaskets before you complete your swap.

Why blown turbo gaskets harm your car

Lack of pressure – When the inlet gasket of your turbo kit goes south, it’s a way for the exhaust gases to leak out and escape. What happens is a lack of pressure and increased lag, which will decrease throttle response and lower horsepower. It’s one of the most common reasons why people upgrade to metal turbo gaskets.

blown turbo gaskets 1If you happen to own a T3 or T4 turbocharger with or without a divided housing, you may want to look into the new BLOX turbo gaskets, found here.

These upgraded turbo gaskets are made from multi-layer steel and are reusable. Made from metal these BLOX Racing turbo gaskets eliminate exhaust leaks in your turbo exhaust manifold.

Inaccurate Air Fuel ratios – Simply put when your exhaust housing is leaking between the turbo and the factory O2 housing or downpipe, your air fuel ratios won’t be correct. This can cause a dangerous driving condition and left untreated could damage your engine prematurely. Because the exhaust gases being sent out from your exhaust turbine are leaking out before exiting properly, there’s a good chance you are out of tune.

Soot everywhere – Let’s face it when you’ve got blown turbo gaskets, your car doesn’t sound or look so hot. Exhaust fumes and soot will go everywhere, not to mention the nasty rasp of turbo exhaust leaking. Blown turbo gaskets can be harder to locate than normal pressure leaks, as applying soapy water won’t amount to much help.

blown turbo gaskets 4

When you find yourself with blown turbo gaskets, turn to our online store to find the best upgraded metal turbo gaskets on the market. No matter what size T3 or T4 turbocharger you are running, divided housing or not we’ve got the gaskets you need.

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