How To Test a Chevy Impala MAF Sensor

How To Test a Chevy Impala MAF Sensor


When the Impala MAF Sensor in your 3.5 liter Chevy has gone bad, you’re going to have a variety of issues with your sedan. This vane meter measures the amount of air that’s entering the engine, enabling your engine computer to provide the right fuel delivery. If this Impala MAF Sensor becomes dirty, clogged or simply fails all together, you are going to have any number of check engine lights on your Impala instrument cluster.

Today I’ll be showing you how to test your Impala MAF Sensor in a 2007 3.5 liter equipped sedan. This mass air flow sensor comes integrated with the Impala Intake Air Temperature sensor.

How To Test a Impala MAF Sensor Sensor

In order to use this How To guide, you’ll need a digital multimeter and one that’s capable of reading Hertz. If you are not sure what this tool is, or even how to use one check out this primer here.

Symptoms of a failed Impala MAF Sensor

When this mass air flow vane meter goes bad, you can have a variety of issues pop up in your Impala. If you notice any of these symptoms, check your OBDII stored engine code using a scan tool.

  • Poor Fuel Economy
  • Check Engine Light ON
  • Misfire
  • Sluggish performance

Testing your Impala MAF Sensor for Power

Take your digital multimeter and you’ll be probing the Chevy mass air flow meter wiring connector. Remember you are testing on the ENGINE side of the harness. Turn your Impala key to the “ON” position and then probe the front of wire number 2 for power. This wire should have a 10-12 volt DC signal.

PIN 2 is a PINK wire with a BLACK stripe in it, and once you’ve confirmed a power signal move onto to the low reference ground signal.

How To Test a Chevy Impala MAF Sensor 3

The ground signal in your mass air flow sensor belongs to WIRE 3 which is a BLACK wire with a WHITE stripe in it.

Testing your Impala IAT Sensor

Now that you have tested your Impala MAF Sensor, we’ll test the IAT sensor for proper operation. This part of your mass air flow sensor uses a 5 volt signal to measure the temperature of the incoming air.

As the air temperature changes the voltage back to your PCM changes. These changes provide the engine computer with the information it needs to adjust the fuel curves accordingly.

WIRE 4 is a TAN wire, which represents the Air Temperature Sensor Circuit. There should be a 5 volt signal here with your key turned to the “ON” position. WIRE 5 is a TAN wire with a BLACK stripe in it, and this is the ground circuit for your Impala IAT sensor.

If you’ve tested your air meter and found these wires to check out and your MAF OBDII trouble code is still present, you will need a Impala MAF sensor replacement. Use a scan tool to properly clear any stored check engine trouble codes. Have any questions about our How To DIY tutorial? Leave us a message below and let us know.