How to Change a Honda Odyssey 02 Sensor

How to Change a Honda Odyssey 02 Sensor


The Odyssey 02 Sensor is also known as the oxygen sensor in your Honda Odyssey. The primary purpose of this sensor is to analyze the exhaust to see just how much fuel content is present. Using this calculation from the sensor, your Honda ECU will know how rich ( too much fuel ) or lean ( not enough fuel ) your engine is running.

Over time your Odyssey 02 Sensor may foul, leading to sluggish performance or a check engine code. Some of these check engine codes can range from P0133, or P0134 or P0135.


Today I will be showing you how to replace the Honda Odyssey 02 Sensor in a 2006 van with a 3.5 liter VTEC V6 J series engine in it.


We will be replacing the front upstream 02 sensor, which is the more difficult of the two oxygen sensors to replace. This part is easily removed using an 02 socket, or you can opt for a 22mm open ended wrench.

How to Replace your Odyssey 02 Sensor

Before you begin make sure that the Odyssey is cold and the engine is not warm or hot to the touch. Open your hood and locate the two front plastic tab screws on the engine cover.


Unscrew these front pins, and then you can pry on the engine cover to remove as you lift up and out.


Once you have removed your 3.5 liter V6 engine cover, you can access the rear and front 02 sensors. Your Odyssey van is equipped with two upstream oxygen sensors.

Odyssey 02 Sensor 7

Before you can access the front upstream Odyssey 02 sensor, you will need to unplug the oxygen sensor itself. This main plug is mounted to the front tab by your oil cap.


Unplug the Honda Odyssey oxygen sensor and now you are ready to remove the hood bonnet. Pull up on the plastic tabs around the black cowl of your hood bonnet, and then slide the hood bonnet out.


Now you will be loosening the 10mm bolts that hold your radiator stays in place. Remove the 10mm bolt on the driver side first.

Odyssey 02 Sensor 1

Don’t forget about the passenger side Honda radiator stay as well.


Now you will need to remove the 10mm bolts that hold your air conditioning condenser in place. Again start with your driver side.


Repeat for the passenger side of he AC bracket and remove these metal brackets from the front of your Honda van.


Now gently pry on the front of your bumper to loosen, do not pull down all the way. Pull back on your radiator and AC condenser. You should gain enough access to reach the oxygen sensor safely.

Odyssey 02 Sensor

Through the front Honda Odyssey radiator support, you should now be able to easily access the old failed 02 sensor. Unscrew the old 02 sensor carefully, and then you can begin screwing in your new unit.

Odyssey 02 Sensor 12

Make sure you don’t cross thread or damage your 02 sensor when reinstalling it. Tighten it with your 02 socket or 22mm open wrench. Now reconnect the Honda Odyssey 02 Sensor to the electrical harness.

Push back your radiator and AC condenser and reinstall your metal brackets. You now know how to replace your Honda Odyssey upstream oxygen sensor. Have any questions about our guide on the Odyssey 02 Sensor? Leave them for us below and let us know!