How to Test a Chevy Tahoe Blower Motor

How to Test a Chevy Tahoe Blower Motor


Eventually over time your Chevy Tahoe blower motor can begin to fail. You can see this happening if the air coming out of your vents isn’t as strong as it used to be, or your vents make noise when blowing. When this begins to happen there’s many steps you can take to test your blower motor and fix it.

If you see that your Tahoe Blower Motor is only blowing air at certain speeds, this may be the resistor. The blower motor resistor is responsible for modulating the speed of your motor and air. Today I’ll be showing you how to test your blower motor in a 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe. This how-to guide is meant to test the blower portion of your vehicle only, which is basically a fan under your Tahoe dashboard.

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Remember that if your blower motor is only working at certain speeds, or at max speed you will need our resistor how-to. Testing the Chevrolet Tahoe blower motor requires just sending power to the single terminal on the back of your motor assembly.

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How To Apply Power to your Tahoe blower motor

If you have a voltmeter that’s capable of outputting 12 volts, this part of the test is easy to do. You can also rent a power probe that can send power from your battery with a flick of a switch as well. The blower motor has just two connectors, one is the black lead for ground and the other is a purple wire for switched power.

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You can run power from your fusebox or your ignition as a source of power, so you don’t have to open your hood. It’s typically a good idea to use a wire with an inline fuse in it, so that you don’t blow any fuses or have any other electrical issues.

Purchase an inline wire with a 30 amp wire in it for maximum protection and safety. As always follow the safety rules and regulations when working around your vehicle. Using this fused jumper wire, you can go from your steering or ignition column or your fusebox and power your blower motor.


Once you’ve removed the lower paneling of your Yukon, you can look up to see the purple wire that connects the power to your motor. Keep the ground wire on your blower motor, and then apply power to the purple wire post of your Tahoe Blower Motor.

Power at this male terminal should make your blower motor operate and spin. If it doesn’t this means that your Tahoe Blower Motor has burned out and must be replaced. You can shop our online store and find a replacement blower motor here, or find one at your local automotive store.