How To Replace a Ford Excursion Fuel Filter

How To Replace a Ford Excursion Fuel Filter


Your Ford Excursion fuel filter is a vital part of your engine fuel system. It’s primary function is to remove the particulate and debris from your fuel, to maximize and increase horsepower and efficiency. Keeping your fuel clean is important if you want to prevent the build up of carbon deposits or gumming of your intake or exhaust valves.

Today I will be showing you how to replace the fuel filter in a 2004 Ford Excursion turbo diesel. This filter is located in the engine bay, in a metal housing that’s near the turbo inlet.

Excursion Fuel Filter

When your fuel filter becomes clogged or begins to fail, you’ll notice a whole host of problems with your Ford performance. Some of these can range from the annoying to the extremely dangerous, so use this guide to replace your filter as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a failed Ford Excursion Fuel Filter

There are several symptoms when your Ford filter becomes clogged. One of the more dangerous ones is when you notice fuel leaking from the top of your filter housing. If the filter has become clogged, the fuel pressure of your turbo diesel engine will begin to suffer. The excess pressure can cause your fuel to leak from the Ford filter housing.

One of the more common issues that a clogged Ford Excursion fuel filter can lead to is poor fuel delivery. This can create a lean condition where there’s not enough fuel in your combustion chamber, and can cause detonation.

*Before you begin this How to guide and job, disconnect the negative terminal on your battery. Because you are working around fuel, do not smoke and use extreme caution. Check out our safety tips for working on your car for more information.

How to replace your Ford Excursion Fuel Filter

The first order of business is to remove the plastic top from your fuel filter housing. Using a half inch drive, insert it into the top of your Ford Excursion fuel filter, and twist to remove.

Excursion Fuel Filter 1

There’s a rubber seal on the top of this fuel filter cover, that should be replaced once you begin this job. Now that you have the top housing cover off, you can access the filter itself.


Now you can pull out the filter element, make sure to lay enough rags around your turbo and remove the fuel filter. There’s bound to be a bunch of fuel in this housing which will spray everywhere so you might want a set of safety goggles.


Remove the filter and then you can begin cleaning out the housing and replace the inner o-ring. This o-ring seals the top notches of the Excursion Fuel Filter, and it doesn’t always require replacing like the top hat does.


Once you have the housing properly cleared, go ahead and insert your replacement fuel filter. The Excursion Fuel Filter should fit snugly in place and you should feel it snapping in once you’ve got it in completely.


Your top hat to the fuel filter should easily spin onto your housing, and seal completely. Once you have dried off the fuel that may have splashed out of your filter, go ahead and reconnect the battery to start your car. Inspect the housing carefully to make sure that there’s no leaks or problems with fuel delivery.

Keep in mind that your truck may take a little longer to start, as your fuel filter housing was completely emptied. You now know how to replace your Ford Excursion Fuel Filter. Have any questions about our how-to DIY guide? Leave us a comment below and let us know!