How to Replace a Honda Civic Combination Switch

How to Replace a Honda Civic Combination Switch


Your Honda Civic combination switch is located on the right side of your steering column, and controls your cruise control and windshield wiper. Today we’ll be showing you how to replace this switch in a 1998 Honda Civic EX. If your combination switch goes bad, you may lose the ability to turn on your wipers or activate your cruise control.

The vehicle we are working on today happens to be a Honda Civic sedan. If you own a hatchback your controls will look much more different because rear wiper controls will be present. Your Honda Civic combination switch may or may not have this control, but the steps to replace them are the same.


Access your Honda Civic Combination Switch

There’s 3 Phillips screws that secure the bottom half of the steering column cover to the top half. Begin by unscrewing the two front screws and keep them someplace safe.


Now with those screws removed you can undo the rear screw in the steering column.


Now it’s time to gently pry open your steering column cover. To do this pull down on your steering column adjuster and crank down on the column all the way. Once it’s lowered fully gently pop the top of the cover off.

The lower half of your steering column cover should slip out, make sure to clear the ignition key hole. Once the lower cover is removed go ahead and take off the top half of your column cover.

You should now be able to see the Honda Civic combination switch, from here there’s two screws, shown below.


Remove these screws to free the combination switch housing. Make your life a little easier by prying up gently on the white plastic housing.


Once you have the Honda Civic combination switch freed from your steering column, it’s time to unplug the harness. This harness can be disconnected by depressing the white locking tab. Press down on this tab to free your combination switch from the rest of your Civic dash harness.


Once you have this harness disconnected, you can replace the combination switch with your new replacement. Looking for a replacement Honda Civic combination switch? check our OEM store now.


Simply plug in your Civic dash harness to your replacement combination switch, and snap it back into place. Secure the switch with the two Phillips screws and you are now done!

You now know how to replace and service your Honda Civic combination switch. Have any questions about our How To Guide? Leave us a comment below and let us know!