The Definitive Honda Brake Swap Guide

The Definitive Honda Brake Swap Guide


You are armed with your fresh dyno sheet, having finally met those elusive numbers through your turbocharged, supercharged or all motor Honda. When you are ready to address your braking ability, using this Honda brake swap guide can easily answer any of your brake swap questions of what brakes fit and how to make them work on your Honda.

Of course all of this is a moot point if money is no factor and you can afford to cash out for a racing four piston caliper setup, but when you want to upgrade your Honda brakes by using factory Honda parts this definitive guide can get the job done.


This guide is centered around the 1996-2000 Honda Civic although most of the interchange and brake swap tips will work for your 92-95 Civic as well as the 1994-2001 Acura Integra, and 1994-1997 Honda Del Sol.

Why are OEM Honda brake upgrades better than aftermarket big brake kits?

Honda brake swaps are some of the best bang for your buck modifications you can ever bolt onto your car. By taking OEM brake components and adapting them to work on your Civic, you can easily and quickly upgrade your stopping power with this budget brake guide.

Budget Honda brake setups give you OEM flexibility and reliability as well a full range of OEM replacement parts. We still get phone calls to this day about the problems people have sourcing four piston and six piston big brake kits that have long been discontinued.

How to Upgrade to GSR calipers on your Civic EK
How to Upgrade to GSR calipers on your Civic EK

Don’t make that mistake by jumping to the cheapest big brake kit available, only to find that replacement hardware is impossible to find. Instead turn to the many OEM Honda brake setups that can easily bolt onto your Honda Civic with minimal modification for maximum stopping power.

What is this brake swap guide made for?

As stated above, this guide is specifically for the 1996-2000 Honda Civic although any Honda Civic with a 9.5” or 10.3” inch brake disc. This also includes the 1990-2001 Acura Integra as well as the 1988-2000 Honda Civic, and there’s two factory setups we will be upgrading from.

9.5 inch Honda Brake Disc – These brakes are typically found on the EX and SI Honda Civics, and any upgraded swap will work for the 1988-2000 Honda Civic with the stock 9.5” brake disc.

Honda Civic Integra Brake Swap10
How to Upgrade to Integra brakes on your Civic

10.3 inch Honda Brake Disc – This Honda brake swap will translate well to any 1990-2001 Acura Integra with a 10.3 stock rotor except the Type R. This will also work for any Honda Civic from 1988-2000 with the stock 10.3 inch brake disc.

Most Common 1996-2000 Honda Civic Brake Swap Upgrades

When you own a non-VTEC Honda Civic such as a DX, there’s a ton of room for improvement when you are addressing your factory braking system. Our definitive Honda brake swap guide will be addressing the front brakes first, and to easily upgrade your Civic brakes up front, here’s the brake swaps available below.

Brakes from a 1996-2000 Honda Civic EX or Si 

Easy and straightforward the EX or Si front brake setup can be found on a 1996-2003 Honda Civic EX, as well as the 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si, and the 2001-2003 Honda Civic DX, LX and SE.

You will need to swap over the Civic EX knuckle and complete brake setup to complete this Honda brake swap.

What you are upgrading – 9.5” / 19mm from your Civic DX to the 10.3” / 21mm

Brakes from a 1990-1993 Acura Integra DA

Much like the EX or Civic Si brake swap, you can take the front spindles and complete braking system to easily and quickly upgrade your DX braking power. You can also build this brake swap using a Honda Civic EX knuckle and a Integra DA bracket to match the 10.3 inch rotor.

Go for a MGP Caliper cover or a stainless steel brake line to really unlock your Civic’s braking potential.

What you are upgrading – 9.5” / 19mm from your DX to the 10.3” / 21mm of the Integra


Brakes from a 1998-2002 Honda Accord 

This may be cheaper depending on your area, but the Accord front brakes give you more stopping power than the Integras. To complete this Honda brake swap, you will need the Honda Civic EX knuckle to go with the Honda Accord bracket.

Find these on any 1998-2002 Honda Accord 4 cylinder F series engine.

What you are upgrading – 9.5” / 19mm from your DX to the 10.3” / 21mm of the Accord

Brakes from a 1994-2001 Acura Integra DC

The widest range of Acura Integras were of course found during this year range, and as we stated earlier all Integra front brake setups are identical. Similar to the Integra DA, the DC front brakes must be coupled with the Honda Civic EX knuckle and the Integra bracket and caliper mounts.

Any Integra from 1994-2001 that’s not a Type R will give you a great bang for the buck brake upgrade.

Go for a MGP Caliper cover or a stainless steel brake line to really unlock your Civic’s braking potential.

What you are upgrading – 9.5” / 19mm from your DX to the 10.3” / 21mm of the Integra

Brakes from a 2000-2006 Honda S2000

For a slight bump up from the standard 10.3 inch rotor from the Civic EX and Integras, the S2000 front brake setup needs a bit more to get working on your Honda Civic. In order to swap over to a S2000 front brake setup, you will need to redrill a set of Acura RSX Type S brake discs to accept your 4×100 PCD from your Civic.

The brake assembly is quite larger than the Civic DX unit, so your brake dust shield will need to be bent back. Unless you really want to be different, we recommend going the Integra route for your upgraded Honda brake swap.

What you are upgrading – 9.5” / 19mm from your DX to the 11.8” / 25mm of the AP1 or Ap2 S2000.

Watch this Acura NSX Concept Boil water

Brakes from a 1991-1996 Acura NSX

Probably way more expensive than it needs to be, the front calipers from a NSX can really ramp up your stopping power in your Honda Civic. The NSX uses a two piston caliper, that requires the NSX bracket and the use of a Prelude rotor.

Bolt the EX or Civic Si knuckle onto your non VTEC civic, and to bolt on a set of NSX brakes to your Civic, you will need a set of 1996 Honda Prelude VTEC rotors and Acura Integra Type R brake pads. Much like the Honda S2000, you must redrill the Prelude rotors to fit the 4×100 PCD of your Honda Civic and grind down the caliper mounting brackets for clearance.

What you are upgrading – 9.5” / 19mm from your DX to the 11.8” / 25mm of the NSX

Brake Caliper Covers are a great brake upgrade

Brakes from a 1999-2000 Acura RL

The first of our Honda brake swaps that will require you to purchase new rims, because there’s no real way to retain your 4 lug setup. The brake calipers up front on a Acura RL use a 11.8 brake disc with four piston calipers. This brake swap from a Acura RL will require the Honda Civic EX knuckle, and the hubs from a 1997-2001 Acura Integra Type R.

The hubs must be installed onto the knuckles and mount the 1999-2000 RL mounting brackets, which must be spaced out using a washer to prevent rubbing. Use the Acura RL caliper mounting bracket bolts instead of your Honda Civic bolts to make up the extra gap created by said washer.

What you are upgrading – 9.5” / 19mm from your DX to the 11.8” / 25mm of the Acura RL.

Common 1996-2000 Honda Civic Brake FAQ’s

When you are confused about some of the more common Honda brake swaps, take a look at these handy tips to remind you of what fits what.

  • All 1994-2001 Acura Integra and 1988-2000 Honda Civics front brake swap will fit on any 1992-1995 Honda Civic EG, 1996-2000 Honda Civic EK, 1988-1992 Honda Civic EF, and 1990-1993 Acura Integra DA. Remember that the donor Honda must be equipped with disc brakes in rear, not drum.
  • 1994-2000 Acura Integra rear trailing arms and disc brake setup is a complete bolt in upgrade for your Honda Civic from 1992-2000.
  • All Acura Integra brakes from 1994-1996 are identical no matter what the trim, except for the Type R.
  • Honda Civic brake boosters from 1996-2000 are all the same, outside of the 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si and the 1996 Honda Civic CX, who share the same booster.
  • Civic brake discs from a 1988-2001 EX sport a 10.3 inch brake disc, which is the same as the Acura Integras from 1990-2001 (outside of the obvious Type R)

Have any questions about our Honda brake swap guide? Leave them for us below and let us know!

UPDATE – User SkyVTEC requested that we post up the brake sizes for those who want to make the big time jump from a 2002-2003 Civic Si or the Acura RSX. Because they come in 4 lug and 5 lug variety, these brake swaps will vary depending on what chassis you are putting them into.

Four lug brake swaps

Fronts – 02-03 EP3 (4 lug): 262mm, 10.3″ – 02-06 RSX-S: 300mm, 11.8″

Rears – 02-03 EP3 (4 lug): 260mm, 10.2″ – 02-06 RSX-S: 260mm, 10.2″

Five lug brake swaps 

Fronts –  04-05 EP3 (5 lug): 262mm, 10.3″  – 02-06 RSX base: 262mm, 10.3″

Rears –  04-05 EP3 (5 lug): 260mm, 10.2″  –  02-06 RSX base: 260mm, 10.2″


  1. Hi pro street, many thanks for this guide. I have a 97 DX and want to upgrade my brakes. What’s the best brake swap?

    • Hi Chris, unfortunately the DX is the one Civic that has a bit of a problem upgrading, as the front knuckles lack the true cutover. You will need to change the front spindles to upgrade, I would check out the local junkyards on the hunt for a 1994-2001 Acura Integra brake setup.

      Thanks for commenting! Let us know how it turns out!

  2. I have a 96 honda civic lx that currently has stock everything and i want to upgrade to the 10.3″ drilled and slotted front performance rotors and pads i bought which currently dont fit as they are larger, how would i go about accomplishing this upgrade?

    • Hi Ariell, thanks for commenting

      when you say you are running a 10.3 drilled and slotted rotor setup, what brakes did this come from originally?? Let us know and we’ll try to help you out! Thanks!

  3. I took the calipers of acura legend and put them on my 91 integer DA after trying AEM’s big brake kit that used the original DA’s calipers. Works like a charm

    • Hi Eddie! Thanks for commenting!

      So you took the calipers from a Acura Legend and put them onto your DA with the AEM big brake rotor setup for the DA? Is that right?

    • Hi Jose! thanks for reading!

      To complete this rear brake swap on your EF chassis you’ll need a variety of parts. The main parts to this swap is a complete rear assembly from a 1990-1993 DA Integra, and you’ll need the rear compensator arms from the Civic to make it bolt up. It sounds like an interesting brake swap, let us know how it turns out!

  4. Hi Jose! so you’ll need the complete rear assembly from a 1990-1993 Integra and the compensator arms from your Civic, you may also need to custom cut your ebrake lines to provide the right range of adjustment. It’s a little trickier for the ebrake but the conversion is well worth it in the end when you brake swap your EF Honda.

  5. I used mini cooper none s rotors and accord caliper and brakets that set up gave me a 11.1” rotor brake conbo up front and in the back I used rsx rotors and caliper but had to flip left caliper to right and right caliper on to left the only thing the breeder faces down so it’s a bit tricky to bleed them so what I do is use a wood block and bleed them off the bracket then mount them or I use a numatic bleeder system from harbor freight there working very well I also installed a booster and 1 inch master from a prelude the booster almost didn’t fit had to cut the hole in the firewall a bit bigger but it works great one’s everything is in I have a new prop valve but I’m still using the stock one from my civic with no problems I plan on upgrading to mini s front rotors that will put me in the 11.8” but I have to find taller caliper brakets but that’s later on

    • Hi Monstrosity, thanks for reading! Wow sounds like an awesome setup! So you are using front Mini Cooper rotors with Accord brackets in what year Civic? Do you have any pictures of your setup? 11.1 rotors sounds like a great combination, what size rim are you running?

      Thanks for commenting! sounds like an awesome Honda brake swap

  6. Hello John it’s a 95 civic ex and I’m using 17” rims the car stops very nicely with all that beefy set up I’ll try to post pics on here later I have to look for them thanks for the great write up I find it very interesting

    • Hi Corderro, thanks for reading!

      Unfortunately your 99 brake pads won’t cut right over to the 2001 Civic calipers or brake system sir. Sorry about that. Thanks for commenting!

  7. So now I have all around disc brakes front are original from my 88 civc hatchback rear from a DC2 how can I upgraded them and will my 15″ rims still fit

    • Hey Jose, if you are running DC2 converted rear disc brakes chances are your 15inch rims will not fit. They may but I’m not sure what the offset is for your stock rims, have you tried the swap already?

  8. Hi John! Thanks for the write up! I am doing this exact upgrade in my 96 DX hatch. I have the rear setup out of a 94 Integra and sourcing the front setup now. Looks like best route would be any 96-00 Civic EX front setup. Once complete, I will have the 10.3″ rotors all the way around. The current master cylinder is the stock 13/16″. Should I be upgrading to an 7/8″ master cylinder from an EX? Is the stock prop valve ok?

  9. Hello Prostreet! So I just a bought a 94 Civic VX model and I’m parting out my 96 Rs Integra. And I wanted to use the fronts rotors and studs out of it cuz it has new wheel bearings & extended wheels studs. So do I need to modify anything from the integra to fit on the civic? Or jus easier to unbolt everything from the upper camber to spindle etc? Thanks

    • Hi Dee, thanks for reading our guide to Honda brake swaps! To answer your question it’s definitely easier to unbolt the entire spindle assembly and transfer over from your DC integra to your EG. Sounds like a great setup and build! Let us know how it turns out!

  10. Hi! I have a 93 civic dx with rear drum brakes. What would be my best bet for upgrading to disk brakes? Would the 94-01 integra disks work or the 99-00 si’s work? Thanks

    • Hi Stephen! Thanks for reading!

      Your best bet is to pick up a set of DC trailing arms complete with the rear hub, shouldn’t be much more than 120 for both sides. Simply replace those rear trailing arms and shock mounts as a complete assembly in your EG Honda Civic.

      Thanks for commenting! Let us know how it turns out!

    • Hi Stephen! Pick up a set of rear trailing arms complete with the rear brakes and hubs from a DC2 Integra – 1994-2001. This should bolt right up to your Civic and convert you nicely for your Honda brake swap! Thanks for commenting!

  11. Hello,
    I have a 1996 honda civic. I read your article and I’m thinking of doing the accord swap because of the added braking power. Like I said, I read the article and it says I need the ex knuckle and accord bracket when you say bracket are you referring to the caliper bracket? I’m assuming I also need the calipers, lines, and also yes? Thanks for any help!!

    • Hi Toby, thanks for reading.

      Yes you are right! you’ll need the entire shebag and once you have the new Accord bracket. EX knuckle and brakes bolted into your lower control arm, you’ll be ready to rock and roll! Thanks for commenting! Let us know how the brake upgrade turns out!

    • Hi Jose, thanks for reading.

      If you want a quick and easy brake swap for your EG, try the DC Integra front brakes and the rear trailing arm assembly for a huge upgrade! This will give you a dual piston caliper up front and disc brakes in rear if your Si doesn’t already come with discs in back!

      Thanks for commenting! Let us know how it turns out!

  12. Hi john,
    Toby again. I’ll start by saying thank you for your previous help. I need more of your awesome advice. My questions are this: first let me start by saying that I have a 96 civic lx. As of right now it is completely stock. As I’ve said before I plan on putting the accord calipers up front. When I got to purchase the calipers and brackets, is there anything else I need from that car? Master cylinder? Prop valve? My next question is this. since I am running the accord brake set up up front can I run an accord disc brake setup in the rear to eliminate the drums that I have? And if I can do so do I need to get the entire trailing arms from the accord? I know this may be asking a lot but if I can run the accord disc conversion on my ek, can you give me a full list of things I need to get to make both the front and back conversion work? I’ll love you forever. I hope to hear from you soon. What you do for us gear heads is very very admirable.

  13. I’ve already done the 96 spec DC2 type r to 98 civic brake swap for both front and rear. But I noticed that my front rotors and calipers are larger. The calipers were 17cl15vn with 282mm rotors—kinda got lucky with this one. It’s a pretty tight fit considering I’m also using the 15inch DC2 rims so I had to add some spacers to give the rims clearance from the calipers. I would assume these came from a prelude. My question is, the rear discs still use the 242mm rotors, from what honda can I get 262mm rear rotors and calipers that can fit the 4 lug pcd114.3? I’m not looking to redrill any holes, that’s why I’m trying to find a replacement to balance out the proportions and the performance of my brakes

    • Hi Jon, thanks for reading.

      That sounds like an interesting swap to be sure, you are sure the fronts are OEM? as far as the rears you aren’t going to have much choice outside of maybe a Accord Type R for a 262mm rear rotor. Have you changed the prop valve on your brake swap? It sounds like an awesome build there, let us know how it turns out. Thanks for commenting!

  14. Hi John! awesome write up! I would like to know if a 93 integra front caliper will bolt on to a 88 CRX si without changing the knuckles. it has 32mm hub. just wondering if it will fit.

    • Hi Miguel! Thanks for reading and the kind words!

      The 88 CRX or EF chassis isn’t going to be able to bolt on a DA front brake swap without changing out the lower knuckle and spindle unfortunately. But getting this Honda swap done shouldn’t be hard! Thanks for commenting! Let us know how it turns out!

  15. Hey, John. I appreciate the info on this subject. Just making sure that I read it right. I just bought a 96 Integra as a donor, so both front and rear brake system is a straight change over on my 92 civic sedan?

    • Hi Wayne, as long as you don’t own a DX you are good to go! Good luck on your Honda brake swap! Drop us a line and let us know how it turns out! Thanks for commenting!

  16. Hi prostreet,

    I am from the netherlands and i own a Civic ed6, this is the d15b2, here its called a GL. Stock its 242mm brakes at the front and i want to upgrade to the 262mm from the “ek vti” this is the 170 bhp b16a2 in europe. vti is the si of europe i think. Can i also use the 2001 – 2003 ep brakes from the d14z6? Its 262mm i checked at the parts-store and 4 lug.
    Another question: what octane numbers are you driving there? Its usa right? Here we have now octane 102 at a budget fuel company, a bit of a stunt. Its about €1,80 per liter. Very expensive but nice.

    You say also in the guide. Use the complete brake setup of the 2001-2003 ep. But also the mastercilinder? Or can i use mine?


  17. John,

    Thanks for the info. First i try my actual set up (brembo 242mm discs with ebc yellowstuff pads and goodridge stainless hoses) on the nürburgring and see if it holds.

    We see!

  18. John – I know this might be off topic, but I just did a rear disc conversion to my 1998 Honda Civic EX with ABS / VTEC. Donor car TA was from a 1997 Integra LS. The brake pedal feel is kinda soft / spongy. (I know, i bleed, and bleed and bleed, nothing). So now I think the Brake Booster / MC needs to swap out – do you have any info similar to the above on BB / MC compatibility? This model, because its an EX with ABS already have a 15/16″ MC so the only choice I have now is the 1″ upgrade.

    • Hi Jon! Thanks for reading!

      And yes! I would recommend a S2000 upgrade or a Integra one! We have several in stock! Our website is down for database maintenance as we have massively changed our product catalog but when it’s up I can show you which part is best. You need a bigger bore to allow for firmer pedal response and faster brake engagement!

      Thanks for commenting!

  19. I have a 2000 civic ex and I junk 4 door 94 integra, can I swap out the rear and front trail arms to my civic for bigger brakes and convert the rear drums to disk?

    • Hi Jose! Thanks for commenting!

      yes just replacing the rear trailing arms and complete hubs will do the trick! You may need to change over your compensator arm ( the one that’s located up front and connects behind your doors to the chassis. Let us know how it turns out!