Budget Beast – Removing 240SX Subframe Bushings

Budget Beast – Removing 240SX Subframe Bushings


Your 240SX subframe bushings are vital components of your build, whether you are drifting or simply getting the groceries. These bushings are located in the rear of your Nissan 240SX, and require you to remove your factory Nissan rear subframe. Today we’ll be showing you how to easily remove your subframe bushings using a small torch and breaker bar.

This DIY guide assumes you have already removed and stripped your rear subframe completely. If you haven’t make sure to check our how to on removing and servicing your Nissan 240SX subframe.


This is a common problem that plagues most high mileage Nissan 240SX’s and can create a dangerous driving condition if left alone. Once you’ve got the subframe out and taken apart, you are ready to rock and roll by removing your factory bushings.

Tools you will need to complete this job is a butane torch, sawsall as well as a breaker bar. The breaker bar should be long enough to safely insert into the metal sleeve, and break away safely.


When using a butane torch, make sure to wear the proper eyewear as well as all the protective gear to keep you safe.


Ignite the blown bushings on fire, and allow them to burn out from around the inner metal sleeves. While doing this, try to keep the torch focused on the sides of the metal sleeve, making it easier to remove.

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Let the subframe bushings burn out a bit and when the fire dies down a bit, insert the metal breaker bar into the metal sleeve and work it around in a circular motion. Doing this will break away at the rubber surrounding the metal bushing and allow you to knock out the entire mount.

Go slow and take your time to get the bushings completely burned out. Once you have the metal sleeve removed, you can move onto burning out the rest of the rubber.

When your subframe mounts have been burnt out, you can move ahead to hammering the inner sleeve out of the subframe. We will be installing a set of Megan Subframe mounts into our Budget Beast, part number MR-6733.

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Carefully hammer out the old sleeve and 240SX Subframe bushing using a chisel or your breaker bar. Once they’ve been hammered out, you can remove your Megan mounts and have them pressed in at your local machine shop.


Make sure to tune in to our next update to Budget Beast, where we begin prepping the Collins flywheel, Competition Clutch and Nissan 350Z CD009 six speed transmission.

Have any questions about our How to Remove your 240SX subframe bushings? Leave them for us below and let us know!