DTC P0335 – How To Test a Ford Focus Crankshaft Position Sensor

DTC P0335 – How To Test a Ford Focus Crankshaft Position Sensor


Crankshaft position sensor failure can be dangerous, especially if your Ford Focus is an automatic. Because your Ford PCM relies on the crankshaft position sensor signal in order to operate your engine, this can cause your Focus to turn off. If you are moving at speed, this can be a very dangerous situation as you’ll be without power brakes and power steering.

The specific code we are looking at today is OBDII DTC P0335 for Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction. When your Ford Focus PCM detects an issue with your crankshaft position sensor signal, or the lack of signal, it will light your check engine light. This light represents a stored OBDII trouble code, and today I’ll be showing you how to clear your trouble code of P0335 in a 2003 Ford Focus ZTS.


The crankshaft position sensor part number in your 2.0 liter Ford Focus ZETEC engine is 94BF6C315AA, F5RZ6C315A, or F5RZ6C315AA. If for whatever reason you are having a hard time finding this part from Ford, you can also look up the Mazda equivalent part number. This interchange is Mazda YF0918221, and there’s quite a few aftermarket interchange numbers as well.

  • DY913
  • PC63
  • SS10188

Where is my Ford Focus crankshaft position sensor located?

This part is mounted near your crankshaft positon sensor, near your 2.0 liter crankshaft pulley. The 2003 is a year before the Duratec versions were released for the Ford Focus, which may confuse many people. The crankshaft position sensor in a 2.0 liter is the lower left side of the engine, if you happen to own the SVT version of this 2.0 liter the sensor is moved to the front of the engine.


If your crankshaft sensor has completely failed, this will result in a no start condition. One that will require you to replace your crankshaft position sensor entirely. Before rushing out to buy one however, take the time to learn how to test a Ford Focus Crankshaft Position Sensor. Worst case scenario you know for a fact your sensor has failed.


If you haven’t already, have your battery and alternator checked before you purchase or attempt to work on anything. Your OBDII trouble code can triggered by a charging issue, which would save you a lot of time and money. If you are sure your crankshaft position sensor is the culprit, continue onward.

In order to complete our how to test a Ford Focus Crankshaft Position Sensor DIY Guide, you will need to raise your vehicle on jackstands. This is so you can access the crankshaft position sensor easily and test the voltage from the sensor using a multimeter.Make sure your Ford Focus emergency brake is raised and safely and securely raise the front of your Focus. Your Ford crankshaft position sensor is mounted behind the pulley, to read the crank reluctor wheel behind the timing belt gears. This metal wheel has grooves that the hall effect crankshaft position sensor reads as it spins.


The crankshaft position sensor is a two wire unit, and you’ll be backpinning these terminals to read them with your multimeter. Use a paper clip and insert it into the back of the wiring harness, or use a wire piercing tool to get your multimeter leads home.

Connect and securely have your multimeter leads on the two wires. Make sure your wiring and any backpin you have inserted is not interfering or threatening to come in contact with your crank pulley, drive belts or alternator. If you own a SVT version of this vehicle, your crankshaft sensor is in front.

Now, with the transmission in neutral have a friend crank the engine over while monitoring the voltage being sent by the sensor. Your multimeter should jump in voltage from .5 volts to 1 volt as the engine cranks. This sensor should not read a voltage when your Focus is not being cranked. Should you have no voltage while cranking or a constant 5 volts of switched power, your Focus crankshaft position sensor has failed.

Where to Purchase a Ford Focus Crankshaft Position Sensor

Replace the unit by undoing the 10mm bolt and insert your new crankshaft position sensor. Using a scan tool clear the OBDII DTC trouble code of P0335 and you should be ready to go!

You now know how to test a Ford Focus crankshaft position sensor, if you have any questions about our guide, please leave them for us below.


  1. Hi I bent my valves on my fiesta duratec 1.4 2008 model did the head over car started & now it don’t want to start again can you plse advise need urgent help thanks in advance

    • Hi Warren, sorry to hear about your engine troubles.

      So couple of questions for you.

      1. You had the head resurfaced and timing belt redone?
      2. It started again did it run normally?
      3. Have you checked the crankshaft and camshaft sensors?
      4. Does the car crank over and not start? or does it not crank at all?

      let us know and we can help you troubleshoot your Ford Duratec sir. Thanks!