How To Wire a 2G MAF in a 1G

How To Wire a 2G MAF in a 1G


The first generation of DSM’s included the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon as well as the Plymouth Laser. These vehicles were quite a bit ahead of their time, offering a combination of awd and turbo performance that was unparalleled in the early 90s. Even today the AWD version of the 1G is probably still the fastest way to run a 12, and still has plenty of modification value for a low price.

Powered by the robust 4G63T and an entire host of bolt on parts made for the car, the sky is truly the limit. But when it comes to the 1G mass air flow sensor, there’s one small limitation that the first generation Eclipse / Talon / Laser has that their younger 2G brothers do not. The Mass Air Flow (MAF) meter in the 1G 4G63 will overrun very quickly, especially when you turn up the boost and install larger exhaust components.

What is the 4G63?


MAF overrun is the fastest way to ruin some turbo fun, and make the car undrivable. When modding your 1G DSM, make sure you plan ahead to avoid this problem by learning how to wire a 2G MAF in a 1G DSM.

The 2G MAF is much bigger and can keep up with airflow
The 2G MAF is much bigger and can keep up with airflow

The second generation DSM MAF is far larger and offers a better surface area ratio for air to pass through. This MAF has been proven to keep up with air flow required to put down well over 450 horsepower, so let’s get to wiring our 2G maf in a 1G.

Modifying your MAF isn't recommended, but it can get the job done
Removing honeycombs isn’t recommended, but it can get the job done

If you need to wire up the 2G MAF in a 1G and aren’t comfortable working or soldering your wiring harness, there’s a few options for plug and play conversion harnesses. If you have a soldering iron and a little bit of patience however, you can wire this MAF into your 1G in under 30 minutes.

Our Project DSM put down 445 on a AWD Dynapack

To learn how to wire a 2G MAF in a 1G, you’ll need to figure out what 1G MAF you currently own. This conversion also applies for Colt GT as well as Mitsubishi Mirage owners who are doing a 4G63T six bolt Swap.

For those owners as well as non turbo 4G63 1g owners, your MAF is the 1G Non Turbo MAF. Here are the MAF pinouts for the 1G non turbo DSM.



1 – Air flow sensor (signal)
2 – MPI control relay
3 – 5V power supply
4 – Ground
5 – Barometric pressure
6 – Intake air temperature

How To Install a MSD DIS in a 1G DSM
How To Install a MSD DIS in a 1G DSM

If you own a traditional turbo 1G DSM, this conversion is a slightly different from the non turbo MAF. Remember you will be skipping PIN 5 on this plug as you tee into the upgraded 2G MAF.


1 – Idle position switch
2 – Air flow sensor (signal)
3 – MPI control relay
4 – 5V power supply
5 – None
6 – Ground
7 – Barometric pressure sensor
8 – Intake air temperature

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Lastly you have the 2G MAF plug, and the wiring pinout for the MAF is below. Use these wires to reference which wires to connect from the ENGINE Side of your 1G MAF.



1 – 5V Power supply
2 – Barometric pressure
3 – Air flow sensor
4 – MPI control relay
5 – Ground
6 – Intake air temperature
7 – Volume Air Flow

How to convert from 1G Non turbo MAF to 1G Turbo MAF

Pin2 1g Turbo MAF => Pin1 1g NT MAF
Pin3 1g Turbo MAF => Pin2 1g NT MAF
Pin4 1g Turbo MAF => Pin3 1g NT MAF
Pin6 1g Turbo MAF => Pin4 1g NT MAF
Pin7 1g Turbo MAF => Pin5 1g NT MAF
Pin8 1g Turbo MAF => Pin6 1g NT MAF

How To Wire a 1G MAF to a 2G MAF 

Pin1 1g Turbo MAF => ?
Pin2 1g Turbo MAF => Pin3 2g Turbo MAF
Pin3 1g Turbo MAF => Pin4 2g Turbo MAF
Pin4 1g Turbo MAF => Pin1 2g Turbo MAF
Pin5 1g Turbo MAF => Remember to skip this terminal
Pin6 1g Turbo MAF => Pin5 2g Turbo MAF
Pin7 1g Turbo MAF => Pin2 2g Turbo MAF
Pin8 1g Turbo MAF => Pin6 2g Turbo MAF

That does it for our How To Wire a 2G MAF in a 1G DIY Guide, if you have any questions regarding this guide or any questions about your 4G63T, leave them for us below!



  1. Nice article.
    I am a bit confused.
    The wires purpose is different from another article in some other site titled “2G MAF in a 1G TEL/GVR4”.
    Are we talking about the same thing?
    Even more confusing, my MAF sensor on my Eterna 89 (4G63) has 7 pins but the wire socket only has 6 pins ?

    • Hi iBro, thanks for reading!

      Yes this should be the same conversion, can you share the page you are talking about so we can check it out to make sure if it’s all the same?

      also what is the part number of your MAF? Are you turbocharging your non turbo 4G63? If so are you installing a turbo ECU?

      • Hi John,

        Well, only a few resources on the net talking about such mod.
        The other one I found is this:
        My wire connector only has pins for 2,3,4,6,7,8 while the MAF itself has pins 1,2,3,4,6,7,8.
        As for me, I am not planning on going turbo. Just want to replace my flaky MAF sensor and it’s hard to find the same model as mine even in the aftermarket. Mine is pretty much like this one:

          • Hi John,

            I disassembled the old MAF and the pinouts are the same with your Turbo MAF description. The cabling on the car only missing pin 1 which by your description is the Idle Position switch.
            I wonder what that is. Is it for sending the correct signal when the IPS is on (throttle on idle position)?

            Anyway, since I don’t have the correct intake hose size, I was wrapping it with LDPE plastic. It turns on, revved up to 1.5k and swing down to 800, swinging up and down again and it dies (the engine is off). I suspected it was caused by leaks in the hose wrapper.

  2. John,

    I truly would appreciate some help.

    I need to to closely monitor and control the air flow to a burner in a piece of experimental research equipment. The exact mass flow rate is of secondary importance, the signal is used to close a control loop to hold the flow constant while some other parameters change. Before discovering your page, and knowing no better, I ordered: 1990-1994 Eagle Talon Mass Air Flow Sensor – A1 Cardone 74-60017 to experiment with and to become familiar with the technology.

    I want to use a sensor with a part number so that a future owner or user can replace it pretty much anywhere in the world without going insane. Mitsubishi should meet that criteria.

    Is this a good choice of parts?
    Is there a better choice? I want to avoid a hot wire.
    Is there a pigtail available?
    Which pinout applies to my device?

    • Hi John, thanks for reading.

      Interesting question and definitely the kind that peaks my interest. If you are sticking to a 1G DSM MAF sensor like the one you’ve picked out there. As long as you don’t have a airflow restriction for your experiment, you should be just fine. Because the MAF will overrun after a certain amount of flow, this may be a concern to you. to answer your questions in short order :

      Is this a good choice of parts? – I would think so if all you need is the correct mass air flow. It sounds like you are familiar with the Karman function and signal, you’ll be just fine.
      Is there a better choice? I want to avoid a hot wire. – This should be good, but again if you are concerned about MAF overrun or the limitations this air flow meter has, go with a 2G MAF. that is the one from a 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon or Plymouth Laser. You can alternately use one from a Mitsubishi Evolution as well.
      Is there a pigtail available? – Unfortunately there’s not much support that’s really worth it. A trip to the junkyard should score you the Eclipse, Talon, Mitsubishi Galant, Dodge Avenger wiring connector.
      Which pinout applies to my device? – The one for Square pinout on this page is the one that applies to your vehicle.

      Thanks for commenting John! Let us know how the project turns out!

    • Hi Miseal, while you could upgrade the MAF for your non-turbo it’s not recommended. Are you using nitrous or planning on adding a power adder like a supercharger or turbo in the future?

  3. Hello,
    I have a maf air sensor 1g no turbo, and I need a turbo sensor maf air 1g, more wiring, which is the difference between the two maf sensors? because they have different part number .. !!
    Pd: Sorry my bad English, greetings from Ecuador

    • Hi Cristian, there’s quite a bit different in the way the two operate, and if you are stepping up for more air flow or karman range, why not upgrade to a 2G MAF instead? Are you turbocharging a non turbo 4g53 in a 1g DSM?

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Hi, thanks for your reply.

        I think I’d better put a 2g maf … !!!
        My project is as follows , I have 2 cars, 1 mitsubishi gsx 1g who had an accident in the front passenger , and one Eagle Talon ES N / A 1G, my intention was to take the maf of the eagle in the mitsubishi

        • If you are upgrading Cristian, it’s best to go with the bigger MAF! Let us know how your MAF swap goes, you’ll need to complete some of the MAF wiring to complete this upgrade! Thanks for commenting!