How To Fix a RSX Instrument Cluster

How To Fix a RSX Instrument Cluster


A broken instrument cluster is never a good time, especially in a Acura RSX. When your RSX shift lights do not work, or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) status (check engine light) doesn’t turn on, this can be a serious problem. Because you won’t know what gear your automatic RSX is in, or if there’s a stored OBDII DTC trouble code, you are basically driving in the dark.

Today I’ll be showing you how to fix a RSX instrument cluster to repair the gear selector lights on your dash, or the check engine light. You will need this how to fix a RSX instrument cluster DIY guide to repair your RSX if it doesn’t light up the gear when you shift. We’ll be working on a 2005 Acura RSX, and this DIY guide assumes you already know how to remove the instrument cluster.

To test your Acura RSX instrument cluster, insert your key and turn to the ON position. Your MIL or check engine light along with a host of other lights and reminders should all light up briefly, then shut off.


If these lights don’t turn on, this means you have a serious problem with your Acura RSX instrument cluster.


You may or may not want to disconnect the negative terminal to your battery before removing your gauge cluster.


Once you have the RSX gauge cluster removed, you can disconnect the two plugs that control your instrument cluster lights.


There are two main connectors that drive the RSX instrument cluster. There’s a 22 pin connector as well as a 18 pin connector, go ahead and unplug those now, and inspect the terminals for debris or damage.


Plug them back into your cluster if you think that some of the wires were not making correct contact. If your RSX instrument cluster is dead, it’s time to begin our testing process. If you previously disconnected the negative terminal to your battery, go ahead and put the negative post back on.

Now take the 22 pin RSX instrument connector, and you’ll be referencing the image below for the proper pins to test. You will need a multimeter for this portion of our how to fix a RSX instrument cluster DIY guide. If you don’t know what a multimeter is, how to use one, check here for our guide.


Now put the key into the ignition, and turn to the “ON” position. Now with the key turned to this position, you will be measuring the voltage at the A20 PIN. This wire is blue with a black stripe through it. This can be done by putting the black lead of your multimeter to the negative terminal on your battery, and gently probing the front of the pin.

Never push or insert your multimeter lead, or your Acura RSX wiring problem will get significantly worse than it is already. Now that you’re ready to begin testing, put the RSX transmission into the PARK position. The A20 PIN should read 0 volts at this position of the shifter, if you do have any voltage at this wire, replace the transmission range switch, or replace your dash harness.

Testing your Acura RSX Transmission Range Switch


Now slide the shifter into the REVERSE position, and check the A19 pin which is a white wire. Make sure there is no voltage at this wire with the shifter in the R position. The next gear you’ll be testing in your Acura RSX transmission range switch is NEUTRAL, put the gear selector into NEUTRAL and test terminal A17 which is a black wire with red stripe.

The next part of our how to fix a RSX instrument cluster DIY Guide is the 19 pin connector. Test the B7 PIN which is yellow for battery voltage at this wire. If you don’t show any voltage at this pin, check your fuse #10 in your relay box of your Acura SRX.


Now turn the ignition key to the OFF position and remove your RSX ignition key. You will be checking B17 for continuity to ground. The B17 terminal is a black wire that should show continuity between it and a low reference ground. If there’s no continuity, this is the culprit behind your Acura RSX dead instrument cluster. Trace back this ground wire or simply provide another earth ground for this pin and test again.

If you have reached the end of our how to fix a RSX instrument cluster DIY article, and all the tests work out okay, sadly your RSX instrument cluster is dead. You may be able to salvage the unit by replacing the printed circuit board on the back of the cluster.

Have any questions about our how to fix a RSX instrument cluster DIY article? Leave them for us below!