How To Adjust a Honda Accord Shift Cable

How To Adjust a Honda Accord Shift Cable


Problems with your Honda Accord shifter can be irritating at best, and downright dangerous at worst. Because the automatic transmission in your SOHC Honda Accord is actuated by a cable, it’s a good idea to know how to adjust a Honda Accord shift cable. Knowing how to adjust a Honda Accord shift cable can come in handy when you are installing a new transmission, or servicing your shift interlock, or maybe the shift cable is damaged.

In any case, I’ll be showing you how to adjust a Honda Accord shift cable in a 2000 Honda Accord with the 2.3 liter F23A4 engine in it. This DIY guide assumes you are comfortable working on the interior of your own vehicle, and that you have a flat surface to work upon.

The shift cable is housed in a metal casing, which allows for the cable to slide back and forth within the protective sheath. Because this cable runs into the back of your automatic transmission, you will need to replace that end first and slide the linkage part into your Accord cabin.

How To Remove Honda Accord Shifter


Removing your Honda Accord shifter can be very easy to do, and requires just a Phillips screwdriver and a panel popping device, you can even use a spatula. Before you learn how to adjust a Honda Accord shift cable, you’ll need to remove the center console to your Accord. To do this, your automatic shifter handle must be removed.


There are two phillips screws that hold the head of your Accord shifter in place.


After removing these screws, pull up carefully to remove the shifter.


You can choose to leave the shifter internals in place, which we opted to do. If you are removing it just in case, make sure to note the orientation in which you are removing the blade. This blade or edge must ride along the outside of the plastic button that resides inside the head of your Honda shifter.


Now remove the screws shown above that retain the center console pocket in place. Remove these two screws and then you can remove the shifter base around your shifter. Once the shifter base has been taken off, you almost have your Accord center console removed. You will need to loosen the screws around the shifter base area, and the two screws located in the back of the center console.

Slide your passenger and driver seat all the way forward, and then remove the screws shown below to free the back of your console.


You should now be able to unscrew the center console light bulb, as well as any electrical connections your Honda Accord may have. Pull your emergency brake all the way up and then remove your center console.


Now that the center console has been removed, inspect your shift cable and how it mounts to the shift lever mechanism.


Clear out any wiring and get yourself some room to operate, as you’ll be removing the lead of the shift cable in order to adjust it. When you are ready to learn how to adjust a Honda Accord shift cable, slide the shifter into the PARK position.


Remove the nut that holds the shaft of your shifter base in place. Once this nut has been removed, you can slide off the end of the Accord shift cable.


Grab the end of the Accord shift cable, labeled A, this is the housing for the F23 automatic transmission. Grab this with your hand and rotate counterclockwise against the opening of the shift lever bracket base.

Once the arm on the housing has cleared, you will be able to swing the entire shift cable out. Do not twist or turn the end of the Accord shift cable (shown in diagram as E), and get ready to adjust your Honda Accord shift cable.


Now grab the end of the shift cable (E) and push it into the metal sheath. Once you have bottomed out this shift end, release it and pull back two notches until it rests in the NEUTRAL position.

Insert your key and turn the switch to the ON position, and verify that your N position symbol lights up on your Accord instrument panel. Now depress your shift interlock release lever, and move your Accord shifter to the NEUTRAL position.


Now that your shifter is put into NEUTRAL, try to align your Honda Accord shift cable to the shifter base. Chances are that your shift cable does not line up correctly, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading our how to adjust a Honda Accord shift cable DIY Guide.


Now re-insert the housing of the Honda Accord shift cable and you will be adjusting the loop portion of your Honda Accord shift cable. Do not turn or rotate the section shown as E. Instead hold the shaft still so that it cannot rotate, and then spin the end loop outward or inward until it meets up with the shifter base.

You have now learned how to adjust a Honda Accord shift cable, the rest of this job is testing your shifter to make sure everything is working correctly. Try test driving the vehicle without the center console in place, but reattach your shifter so that it makes shifting your Accord easy.

Have any questions about our how to adjust a Honda Accord shift cable DIY Guide? Leave them for us below!