How To Replace your Ford Fiesta Ignition Coil

How To Replace your Ford Fiesta Ignition Coil


Coil on ignition plugs have come a long way since the early 2000’s, and is commonly found in most of today’s vehicles. Simple and straightforward, it’s also pretty easy to know how to replace your Ford Fiesta Ignition Coil. Today we’ll be showing you how to replace the ignition coil in a 2014 Ford Fiesta with the 1.6 liter turbocharged engine in it.

Ignition coil issues can lead to misfire OBDII trouble codes, or inconsistent engine performance. A bad coil could also cause your 1.6 liter Ecoboost engine to backfire or miss, which can result in a lumpy idle and poor fuel economy.

The part number for this 2014 Ford Fiesta ignition coil is BM5Z-1202-9B, and can be replaced by any shadetree mechanic in just a few minutes. If you need a how to on how to test your Ford Fiesta Ignition Coil, check here.

To begin our How to replace your Ford Fiesta ignition Coil guide, you should disconnect the negative terminal on your battery.


Once you have done that, grab the top of your engine cover and pull downward towards the front of the vehicle.


Now that you have pulled down to release the tabs on the backside of your engine cover, now pull back and up to remove.


Make sure to inspect your engine cover to make sure you haven’t lost any of the clips or retainers on the underside of the panel.


Now with the engine cover taken off, you can see your ignition coils and the harness that connects your Ford Fiesta ignition coils.


Today’s Focus ST will be replacing it’s #3 cylinder ignition coil, which has caused a serious misfire and making this Ford Fiesta sound like a three cylinder. Locate the ignition coil that you’ll be replacing and pull back on the white locking tab to the wiring connector.


Pull back on the locking white tab to release the coil connector, you will also need a 8mm socket.


Now with this white tab unlocked, you can depress the ignition coil connector and unplug.


Now using your 8mm socket remove the two bolts that connect and secure the ignition coil in place. Pull up gently to remove the coil over plug igntion coil and the spark plug boot that’s connected to it.

Inspect your ignition coil for any bubbling or odd looking damage, before replacing it with your new ignition coil. Insert the new coil and then torque the 8mm bolts to specification and you are now done.


Reconnect the ignition coil connector and you now know how to replace your Ford Fiesta ignition coil. Have any questions about our DIY guide? Leave them for us below!