How To Install a Honda Civic Camber Kit

How To Install a Honda Civic Camber Kit


Maintaining your vehicle’s tires and alignment can be a difficult task, especially if you are tuning and modifying the vehicle. Aftermarket components like lowering springs, coilovers and upgraded rims can change the static alignment of your vehicle.

Today we’ll be showing you how to install a Honda Civic camber kit, part number BXSS-20101 for the rear wheels. This is a replacement adjustable control arm that replaces your stock upper rear control arm. This camber kit is a very popular style, and you can find this part number many different names and manufacturers. Here’s a few of the examples you could look at if you want to learn how to install a Honda Civic camber kit.

Our test vehicle today is a 1997 Honda Civic DX with a 1.6 liter D series engine in it. We’ll be replacing the rear upper control arm, so this DIY guide assumes you already have your car raised and secured with the back wheels off.

With your rear wheel removed, you should be able to see the upper arm and the main bolt that runs through the wheel housing. To begin our how to install a Honda Civic camber kit guide, remove the main bolt shown here it’s a 17mm.


After you have this bolt removed, you can turn your attention to the 2 bolts that mount the back half of the upper arm to your chassis. Take care around these two bolts, because they are usually pretty crusty and it’s easy to damage them so be careful.


This arm will push out the upper part of your tire and rim, as your alignment shop will need if they want to correct your camber. Take a look at the diagram below for a better idea of how this camber kit works in your Honda Civic.


Now with the main bolt removed, go ahead and remove the 2 14mm bolts that hold the upper control arm to the car. Pull off to remove and you should have your new BLOX camber kit opened and ready to go.


Remember that the 2 14mm bolts can be difficult, so remove them slowly.


Now that you have both arms out of the car, go ahead and adjust your camber kit so that your aftermarket unit is roughly as long as your stocker. This will go a long way in getting your car to roll after this, so make sure to get this adjustment as close as possible.

Once you have the aftermarket camber kit the right length, go ahead and install it in your Honda Civic. Take extra special care when you are re-inserting the two 14mm bolts, you don’t want to cross thread them so take it easy.


Once the camber kit is in and tightened to spec you are ready to hit the alignment machine! You now know how to install a Honda Civic camber kit congratulations! If you have any questions or comments about this install, leave them for us below!


  1. i want more negative camber on the rear of my car but my camber is crank out to the max i think, i seen other car have more negative camber. do i have to take out the lock washer thats on it?

    • Hi Steven, you want MORE negative camber? If so there’s a lot of ways to do it but can we ask what camber kit you are running and how much negative camber you have right now?

      This info will help us know how much you need, and what you already have done. Thanks for commenting!