How To Service a 2014 Ford Flex Ignition Coil

How To Service a 2014 Ford Flex Ignition Coil


Coil on plug ignition technology has definitely accelerated the quality of spark in engines since the early 2000’s and it’s definitely not slowing anytime soon. Placement of the ignition coil directly over the spark plug not only decreases points of failure but it also increases engine spark, intensity and helps combustion.

But it’s not a foolproof system and sometimes the ignition coil can give you issues, this is a common problem in the new body style Ford Flex trucks. Today we’ll be showing you how to replace and service each of your ignition coils to resolve your tachometer needle jumping around, or the other issues that can arise from a faulty Ford Flex Ignition Coil.

Today’s test vehicle is a 2014 Ford Flex V6 with the 3.5 liter engine in it, our particular Flex carries a VIN ID of 8 and sub VIN identification of 42447, although if you own a new Flex, this job will remain the same. We’ll be showing you how to test the ignition coil for power and ground coming from your harness, and how to replace the coil completely once you have determined which one is bad.

Symptoms of a bad Ford Flex ignition coil


  • Jumping tachometer needle
  • Sluggish performance
  • bad fuel economy
  • Engine misfire
  • Rough Idle
  • Air Conditioning will stop working

This problem is intermittent in the early stages of ignition coil failure, and can often be difficult to trace down. Our own customer tried telling us of this problem for over 2 weeks, before it finally did it in front of us.

OBDII trouble codes associated with this error


Many times the failing ignition coil will trigger events in your OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Code, and often mislead technicians who are trying to diagnose your vehicle. Many times you will see 02 sensor or oxygen sensor related codes, such as P0130 or P0150. To see how to troubleshoot your Ford Flex oxygen sensor, make sure to check our How To Service a Ford Flex O2 Sensor article here.

How To Service a 2014 Ford Flex Ignition Coil


So if you have these problems and need to know how to service a 2014 Ford Flex Ignition Coil, this is the page for you. To begin you will need to put your key in the “ON” position, but do not start your vehicle. You will be using a multimeter or voltmeter to read and measure the engine harness pins to make sure that your coil is being powered. Once you have confirmed your coil is being powered, we’ll show you how to replace your Ford Flex ignition coil.

The ignition coil part number from Ford is 7T4Z12029E only as of right now. This ignition coil is connected by way of a 3 pin weather connector that sends the standard 3 pin, power, ground and signal. We’ll be using your multimeter to check for power and ground, and then replacing your ignition coil completely.


If you need a guide on how to use your multimeter or voltmeter, check our article here. We’ll be testing the front coils first, as the rear coils require you to remove your intake manifold and plenum.


Locate your first test ignition coil on your 2014 Ford Flex truck, and pull up on the red retaining metal clip to release the clip lock. With the red tab pushed up all the way, depress on the front of the ignition clip to free the wiring connector from the ignition coil.


With the Ford Flex ignition coil disconnected, use your multimeter and measure for a 12 volt signal at PIN 3, which is labeled A in the diagram above.


Once you have confirmed you have power at this terminal, check for low reference at the PIN 2 marker, labeled B for a ground signal. If these two check out, it’s time to replace your ignition coil in your 2014 Ford Flex truck.


Using a 5/16th wrench, undo the mounting screw that holds your ignition coil in place. With this bolt completely removed, you can now slide out the ignition coil and inspect it for any damage or unusual problems.


Check the top of the ignition coil for any heat marks or bubbling of the plastics, and inspect your Ford Flex truck ignition coil boot for any cracking or unusual wear.

The replacement spark plug boot for your Ford Flex is Ford OE number 7Z2A62328F, although you can use the standard coil on ignition plug repair kit part number of 19295372. This part number 19295372 is generally used for our LS3 and LS6 ignition coil on boot repair problems.


To install your new Ford Flex ignition coil, reinsert into your spark plug hole and depress firmly until you can feel the ignition coil click into place over the spark plug. Make sure your ignition coil is flush and seated properly before re-installing your bolt and torque to spec.

That’s how to Service a 2014 Ford Flex Ignition Coil! Please leave us any questions or comments below!