How To Reset Your Honda Accord Maintenance Light

How To Reset Your Honda Accord Maintenance Light


Maintenance lights will show you when it’s a good time to change your oil or take the vehicle in for scheduled service intervals. For people who need this kind of gentle nudging, it’s a great idea to keep your vehicle running in optimum condition. Regular servicing will help you weed out any potential problems before they arise.

However for many other people, this maintenance light is just annoying and can be difficult to reset if you don’t know the procedure.

This is where our How To Reset Your Honda Accord Maintenance Light article can come in very handy. And we won’t be focusing on just one model of the Honda Accord, but rather showing you how to reset the maintenance light in all generations of Honda Accord.

For Honda Accords in the year ranges of 1994-1997 the procedure to reset the “maintenance light” is not difficult at all. This OBDI or OBDII vehicle features a keyhole near the vehicle’s cluster that will let you turn this light off. Simply take your ignition key and insert into the lower button of the dash cluster bezel.


Most Accords from the OBDI and OBD0 vehicles in the year ranges of 1989,1990,1991,1992, and 1993 do not feature this maintenance light or simply use a red and clear panel as the light.

How To Reset Your Honda Accord Maintenance Light for your Honda Accord from years 1998,1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.

This generation of Honda’s share a similar process in resetting your maintenance light. Locate your trip reset dial button, and hold this button down. With this button depressed, insert the ignition key and turn the car to the “ON” position.

Keep this button held down until your maintenance light starts to blink and reset, at which point you have reset your maintenance light.


The seventh generation Honda Accord from the year ranges of 2003-2007 gives you a great way to reset your maintenance light.


To learn how to reset your Honda Accord maintenance light in your seventh generation Accord, insert the ignition key into your steering column. Now locate and find the trip reset button, and depress it. While holding it down, turn your ignition key to the “ON” position but do not turn on the engine.


After a few seconds your “Maintenance Required” light will begin to blink and turn off. Now let go of the button and turn the engine on to make sure your light remains off.

The eighth generation Honda Accord changes the process of how to reset your Honda Accord maintenance light up a little bit. Like it’s older cousins, you will want to find the SEL RESET or TRIPS RESET button on your dash. Insert your ignition key and turn your eighth generation Honda Accord to the “ON” position.

Depress this button and cycle through the dash menus until you reach the OIL LIFE indicator menu on your instrument cluster. Now with this menu up on your screen, depress the RESET button and hold it down. After about 10-15 seconds the oil life menu should blink rapidly and turn off.


It shouldn’t take more than a few tries for you to know how to reset your Honda Accord maintenance light. If you turn the car on, you should now see that your oil life indicator shows 100 percent and your cluster is free of the maintenance light wrench.

You now know how to reset your Honda Accord maintenance light, but keep in mind this is only the change oil indicator. This how to reset your Honda Accord maintenance light article is not your airbag light, check engine light, or inspection key light.

If you have a OBDI or OBDII check engine code or trouble code, refer to our DTC Doctor for more help on your code in question.

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  1. I tried this 100 times. First I read the manual and now I used the internet and still, “NO DICE.” Wassup with this?

    • Hi Sanda, thank you for commenting!

      Did you try to reset the oil life meter using the instructions on this page?

      Let us know and we can try to help you out!

  2. I have a 2009 Accord and the SEL/RES button is located on the steering whee,l RH side. It is the British Model. Can you please tell me if it’s the same procedure.