Gran Turismo 6 GPS Visualizer

Gran Turismo 6 GPS Visualizer


It’s an exciting time to be alive if you love technology, because there are serious strides being made in every facet of life which of course include things we love about driving and racing. Some of these developments are fascinating and almost too incredible to believe, like the self driving cars to eye and face recognition, seem more like science fiction than reality.

But Daijiro Yoshihara puts the Gran Turismo GPS Visualizer to work at Willow Springs by taking a Scion FR-S out for it’s paces.

What is the Gran Turismo GPS Visualizer? it’s an awesome tool that interfaces with your ECU and via a CAN connection can relay real time data like throttle position, engine load, rpm to recreate your performance in real life and translate it directly to the game!



Our friends @GTChannel bring you coverage of this awesome event, and gives you a sneak peek into the GPS Visualizer as well by putting real life performances against the simulated ones.