How To Fix Your G35 Shift Interlock

How To Fix Your G35 Shift Interlock


The Infiniti G35 Shift Interlock mechanism is a crucial component of your vehicle that prevents the shift lever from be moved from the “P” position to any other position until the brake pedal is depressed. It also serves to prevent accidents by keeping the shifter in place if the key is not turned to the ON position, and stops you from pulling the key out in any other gear other than PARK. Often times, for whatever reason the shift lever can stop shifting or get stuck in a gear in some of the earlier G coupes and sedans.

Today we’ll be going through the diagnosis of your Infiniti G35 coupe or sedan, and the Nissan 350Z also applies.

First we will be checking your brake shift switch, which is located the base of your brake pedal assembly.



You can unplug this 2 pin harness and simply use a paper clip or wire to jump the 2 connections in this harness to fool your car into thinking that the brake pedal is depressed.

Next we will be checking your shift lock relay, which is located in your battery tray section just ahead of the passenger seat. Open your hood and take off that panel to expose your fuse relay box and locate the shift lock relay.



If these 2 things check out and your car is still having problems shifting you will need to check the interlock cable, the Shift lock solenoid, and the Park position switch. All of which are located in the center console of your vehicle.  To access all three of those components, you will need the following tools.

  • a plastic panel popper
  • phillips screwdriver

To begin make sure your vehicle is in a safe flat spot and fully depress your emergency brake to prevent the car from rolling on you. Next you will need to remove the shifter or at least the top part of the shifter so that you can start disassembly.



Push down on the boot section of your shifter which should dislodge it from the top half of the shifter. This will also expose a golden circlip that holds the top half of your shifter onto the lever.

Carefully remove this golden clip and now you can remove the top of the shifter. Now use your panel popper ( or spatula ) and slowly pull one corner of your dash bezel up and away. This bezel is located just about your 2nd glovebox.



Now run your spatula across the entire length of this bezel which should crack it free from it’s push in tabs and allow you to remove the entire piece.



Now go back to your shifter base and slowly work the back half of your shifter assembly up and away from your center console.



This part can be tricky so take care not to rush things or snap / break any snap in tabs or plastic clips.



Next, carefully unplug the hazard switch and clips from underneath the shifter base area.



Now your shifter base is exposed, take this time to check your AT connector as shown below. If this connector is snug, next check your interlock cable that leads to your dashboard. This cable should be securely held with the retaining clip and properly adjusted to your shifter base.




If these 2 items check out, it’s time to remove the side panels to your center console to check your shift lock solenoid. Undo the 4 screws located around the trim of the lower center console, make sure not to lose the 2 screws that are located towards the front of the car.



Grab the back half of the side panel that covers your center console and slide the entire assembly forward, now unclip the side panels and push inward.



Now turn your attention back to the lower center console, and carefully pry upwards and away on the side panels of your center console.


Pull up and away and your passenger side is now clear, now do the same to the driver side to expose the solenoid. The shift lock solenoid is part number 34950-5Y710, and should be free of any debris or anything that could be lodging it in place.
To remove and service your shift lock solenoid, simply disconnect the lever that connects to the green swing arm of the solenoid.
You have now fixed your G35 shifter issue! Congratulations!