Reviewing the ChaseBays LS1 Wiring Harness

Reviewing the ChaseBays LS1 Wiring Harness


We’ve seen our fair share of ugly wiring harnesses and swaps gone wrong in our past, which is part of the reason why the LS1 Wiring Harness from ChaseBays is just one of our new must-haves for the serious enthusiast. This harnesses is a completely new unit with new connectors and wrap, and make your swap look as if it came from GM with beautiful succinctness and ease of install.

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The  unit we’ll be looking at today is the S13 version of the LS1 harness they provide, and quite honestly we were surprised at what you get for the relatively low cost.


The harness model we have selected is the CB-LS1-CM1, which is pretty much all anyone will need to complete a swap from the wiring standpoint of this install. With all new sensor connectors and commercial grade jacketing wire this Chasebays wiring harness means business.



When the guys at ChaseBays talk about the functionality and lightweight and space clearing design, they weren’t joking! With this swap it makes the LS1 look as though Nissan intended for this engine to sit in our S13.



The integrated coil pack harness clears space and makes the wiring a breeze and makes working on your vehicle a pleasure when it’s literally plug and play!


This Chasebays harness comes complete with a seperate sub charging harness and the proper 16 pin connector to snap into the body chassis of our S13.

In closing, if you are going to spend for a harness anyways it’s hard pressed to not choose Chasebays as your wiring option. When you factor the price of an existing LS1 PCM, coupled with the cost of sending the harness out to a specialist and the subsequent lead time, and it’s not hard to see why ChaseBays has quickly become one of our favorite vendors!

The Spec Sheet on CB-LS1-CM1 – Direct From

  • New sensor connectors
  • New commercial grade, high heat, thin jacketing wire (rated from -49° to +257° F)
  • New sensor connector terminals
  • Loomed in flame retardant PET sleeving 
  • (Operating Temperature Range -103° to 257°F; Melt temp 446°F)
  • Adhesive lined heat shrink at junctions and loom ends
  • Harness goes directly from the engine sensors to the ECU connectors
  • Multiple options for mating to your chassis, from plug and play to flying leads
  • Includes PET loomed charge harness to power your starter & alternator using 4 gauge welding cable. 

Now that we’ve spent all of 3 minutes plugging in our LS1, we’ll move onto the next steps of setting up our LS1 swap to tear up the street and track!

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