Installing a Greddy Profec E-01 in a Turbo Honda!

Installing a Greddy Profec E-01 in a Turbo Honda!


We are Installing a Greddy Profec E-01 into a B18c1 swapped 1992 Honda Civic EG today, this EG is currently putting down 327 whp to the front wheels at just 11 psi and well be adding this fuzzy logic boost controller in the quest for more power.

Today we’ll be covering the install and operation sections of the how to, and addressing the setup and programming of the E-01’s often controversial fuzzy logic programming.

Here’s a picture of the unit we’ll be installing today :



This installation of the Greddy Profec E-01 is very straightforward and can be performed by any shadetree mechanic that is comfortable wiring power and ground wires into their PCM harness.

Tools you will need to finish this install :

  • 1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 Standard screwdriver
  • Wire Strippers
  • Solder Gun
  • Electrical Tape
    ** Or electrical vampire taps if you do not wish to solder

First open your box and lay out your components to ensure you have all the hardware Greddy intended for you to install on this boost controller. Make sure that the Greddy Boost sensor part number 16401301 is included and has your mounting brackets and insulators, as that is the first part we will be installing.

Open your hood and allow your engine to cool down before you start to work in your engine bay, after that disconnect the negative terminal to the battery and now you are ready to proceed.

Get the Greddy boost sensor 16401301 and prepare a location to mount the sensor somewhere cool and isolated from the environment as best as possible in your engine bay.

This sensor must be mounted with the nipple pointing upwards, and now you are ready to tap into an existing vacuum / pressure source.

Make sure that the sensor is pointed upward and locate a source that is beyond the throttle plate to which to tee into the pressure line. If you are installing this into a Mitsubishi Eclipse, Evo, Subaru WRX or STI, we recommend teeing into the fuel pressure regulator line that is connected to your intake manifold.


Now get your Greddy Boost Solenoid Valve part number 15900535, this unit is very susceptible to heat and the elements, so make sure you use the rubber grommet, the insulators and the plate that Greddy provides you to mount this unit properly.

If you are setup for external wastegate use, you will tee into the “CN” and “COM” ports on the boost solenoid 15900535, and if you are setup for internal wastegate use, you will tee into the “NO” and “COM” ports using the preteflon threaded fittings provided in your Greddy box.

Now mount the base plate along with the rubber grommets onto your solenoid as shown.



As we stated before, this stepper motor is susceptible to shock, debris and changes in temperature so you want this unit mounted with ALL the insulating hardware provided, and you want it in the best location possible.

We’ll be mounting ours using the hex bolt and rubber insulator through the pressure sensor on the passenger side fender. Take this time to ensure the rubber isolator is not pinched and gives the solenoid some “smush” for the many pots and holes you will be driving through.



As with all boost controller installs, make sure that the vacumn lines you use are not kinked, twisted, excessively long and are secured via zip ties or hose clamps.



For internal wastegate users : Run the “COM” port of the Greddy Solenoid to the internal wastegate nipple on your turbocharger and now tee the “NO” side to a pressure source. For fast acting wastegate response, use the pressure source from your turbocharger compressor housing. If you do not have a nipple on your turbo snail, try drilling a hole in your intercooler piping and tapping the hole with a barbed 1/8 inch NPT fitting.

If you are running an external wastegate, run the “COM” port to top of your wastegate and the “NC” side to related pressure source.

Now we’ll be installing the pressure source to the solenoid, grab the 3 way fitting provided by Greddy and locate the pressure source on your vehicle. Again for most 4 cylinder turbo applications, we like to tee into the FPR vacuum line that runs to the intake manifold.

Make sure to secure the line returning to the solenoid and take this time to make sure all the lines in question are not kinked, wrapped or otherwise hindered.


Now, we open the passenger side door and take off the passenger side footwell to reveal our ECU. This Honda was running a chipped P28, but we’ll be moving to a AEM EMS, so we’ll be teeing the Profec E-01 brain unit into the main ECU harness.



There are just 4 wires on the E-01 control box that you must wire in for your boost controller to be installed.



First plug your 4 pin harness into your E-01 brain unit and begin to wire it into your ECU harness.

The RED wire is for 12v fixed power, you can either tee this into your stock ECU power or run this to your turbo timer harness if you do not wish to modify your ECU harness. For this install, the customer is using an AEM unit. we tapped into wire A23 shown on the wiring diagram below

Black wire for Ground. We also tapped this into the ECU ground. For this install, we tapped into wire B2 for ground shown on the wiring diagram



The Brown Wire is for RPM signal, and if you are running an ignition box as this Civic is, make sure to use the ECU side of the RPM signal, not a tach driver if you own one. MSD’s tach output does not give a output range the Greddy E-01 likes, trust us, we learned the hard way.



Now run the boost solenoid harness 16401406 into the cabin and connect it to your E-01 Brain. Take your head unit and mount it to your liking, we mounted it quick and dirty above the climate controls.



Make sure that wherever you mount the monitor and the handheld remote, it is far away from your airbags in case of an accident.

Take some time and review all the hoses, connections and hoses in your engine bay and your install. Make sure everything is tight and there are no leaks.

Reconnect your battery and start the vehicle and you should see “Take It easy!” welcome screen on your E-01.

With a multitide of different features, from rpm selectable boost levels, overboost and scramble boost the E-01 can do it all, including monitoring viital engine and boost parameters to an SD card or your handheld.



Make sure you check your vacuum readings to ensure the location you teed into is accurately reading vacuum. If you opted for install from the turbocharger compressor, this step will not apply.



Now go to Boost Setup from the SETTINGS menu, and dial in a relatively low boost to test your vehicle with first.

This reading can be converted to many different styles of display as well as metric / standard pressure values for those too lazy to do the math.



Boost displayed in BAR vs PSI.



Set up the E-01 by entering your car’s data, cylinder count, peak warnings and throttle input in the event you are using load or rpm based boost settings.



Make sure your warning boost levels are dialed in and safe for your testing period. You now know what the steps are to Installing a Greddy Profec! congratulations!

Congratulations! You have now installed your E-01 and you’re ready to crank up the boost!


Happy boosting!