How To Install a Turbo Timer in an Evolution 8

How To Install a Turbo Timer in an Evolution 8


This install of a Apexi turbo timer part number 405-A011, is very straightforward and can be installed by any average shadetree mechanic. As you know, the installation of a turbo timer is one of the very first modifications to perform on any turbocharged vehicle to make sure that your turbo is cooling down properly. We’ll be showing you How To Install a Turbo Timer in a 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution 8, so let’s get started. Tools:

  • Wire Strippers or scissors
  • Pliers
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 10 mm socket and handle

Before you begin this install or any work on your vehicle, disconnect the negative terminal on your battery. If you own a stock radio now might be a good time to check on your radio code. If you are uncomfortable or feel nervous about working on your own car, you should take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic.



Next open your driver side door and slide your driver seat all the way back to give yourself more space to operate with in your Evolution. If your floor is dirty you can lay something on it so you can lay comfortably on your back.



We will be using a Apexi Turbo Timer harness to keep the stock wiring intact and unmodified. First undo the bolts and screws that hold your center steering column shells together, and set the screws to the side.



Once your screws are taken out, you can adjust the steering column to the lowest point possible to give you more access to the 2 pieces of the center console.



Then remove your ashtray / change tray, make sure not to lose the spare fuse puller or spare fuses mounted to the back of this unit.



Now remove the 10mm bolt that’s behind this tray to give you the ability to remove the panel to the side of it.



Remove the bolts holding the lower cover onto your dash.



Unplug the Evolution dash dimmer switches and interior controls and take the panel completely off to allow better access to the ignition system. Now, take the Evolution center steering column assembly apart by removing the 3 phillips screws. When you have the Evolution center steering column assembly apart, then remove the Evolution ignition plug, marked in this picture. It’s time to connect the power in our how to install a turbo timer writeup, and by unplugging this unit you can install the harness inline.



Now install your turbo timer harness, which is a simple as unplugging and replugging the harness inline. Usually these harnesses are universal regardless of the turbo timer itself will work as long as you have the vehicle application correct. The Evolution harness is the same as the 2nd generation Eclipse harnesses.



Plug the male side of the harness into your stock ignition module, then plug the stock Evolution side into the female side. This turbo timer harness is a great source for gauge power and ground, as well as illumination from the dimmer switch.

Another great reason you are reading our how to install a turbo timer guide for your Evo is the e-brake connection which is the purple wire that goes to your e-brake switch. Check our writeup here for this process on how to connect the ebrake control for a turbo timer.



Bolt everything back up and you have now completed our How To Install a Turbo Timer in a Evo 8 install. This install will also work for Evolution 9s as well. Have any questions or comments? Leave them below.