Installing a Blitz Turbo Timer into a 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege

Installing a Blitz Turbo Timer into a 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege


Installing a Turbo Timer in a Mazdaspeed Protege

Today we’ll be looking at Blitz DCTT 2 Turbo Timer with a optional boost gauge feature as well as the standard e-brake disconnect features and switches.

While this turbo timer can be set manually for time, it’s also very useful to use it’s automatic setup, which dictates the time your car will idle based on the length of time you have been in boost above .1 hkPa. This Blitz timer uses HkPA (hecto-kilo-pascals) as it’s boost reference, to translate this setting use the following formula.

    1.0 hkPa = 14.50 psi

Tools you will need to perform this install :

  • Wire Strippers
  • Spatula or panel popper
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 10 mm socket and handle

First start by gently pulling on the dash panel located under your steering wheel, by using the spatula or panel popper to pry away the edges until the panel pops off its clips. Now remove the lower steering cover and guide by unscrewing the 3 phillips screws that go into the top of the steering column assembly. Now that those 3 screws are gone, you can pry apart the upper and lower portions of the steering column.

With the column cover removed, you now have full access to the wiring and ignition switch of your Mazda. Now locate your ignition switch terminals, which are adjacent to where you insert your key into the ignition.



Locate this harness as this is the main ignition harness that you will be teeing into using the turbo timer harness supplied to you by Blitz. Next you should find a place to mount your turbo timer, preferably someplace easy to see if you are indeed using the boost function for your unit.



The three wires you will be tapping into are RED, BLUE and BLACK/WHITE.

      RED = constant 12V
      BLUE = Ignition Start 12V
      BLACK/WHITE = Accessory 12V

Take note that there will be two wires that are blue in this harness, one that supplies 12v on ignition switch and one that does not. If you are not using a plug and play unit, simply tee the lines of the turbo timer to match the wires in question.



We always recommend soldering your electrical tees, especially something as vital as your ignition and to eliminate the possibility of any wires coming loose and sparking against a ground of your vehicle.

Now with the unit wired in, please turn on the car to test that the turbo timer idles your vehicle after you shut it off. The default time of this timer should be set to 30 seconds, turn on your car and then turn it off to see if your wiring is correct.

Next we move onto the boost gauge portion of this install by locating a vacuum hose coming off the intake manifold after the throttle body.



We removed this hose and supplied it to the customer for safe keeping, while installing a new hose with the blitz 3 way valve already installed.



Now that your boost line is installed, you must run the vacuum line to the turbo timer so that it has an accurate read on just how much boost you are running in your vehicle. We like to use the steering column grommets or similar style body plug grommets for ease of install. In this Mazda, we use the grommet behind the brake line bracket, as shown in this picture.





Now reach under your dash and pull up the vacuum hose and connect it to the back of your turbo timer. How is the time to check your boost setting, and don’t forget that your Blitz unit does not show vacuum!

The last thing to do is to connect the ebrake switch, which will prevent any would be thieves should they gain access to your vehicle while your turbo timer is on. To connect this last feature, simply run the purple wire to the location switch of your ebrake and tee into it using the vampire clips provided to you. You should not need to solder this connection, this step is completely optional for you.



Now zip everything back up and you have yourself a working Blitz Turbo Timer! Congratulations!