Piggyback Heaven : How To Install a Greddy Emanage

Piggyback Heaven : How To Install a Greddy Emanage


Today we’ll be looking at Greddy’s Emanage unit and how to install it on a 2001 Acura Integra. This Greddy “blue box” is a much maligned but still very useful tuning tool that has powered many a import into the 500+ hp range.

Often confused with the units sold with the Greddy 50 state legal turbo kits of their era, this is the real Greddy Emanage we’ll be installing today.

Walkthrough 1 : Install and Operation – Today’s How To
Walkthrough 2 : Operating and Learning about your Greddy Emanage
Manual : GReddy e-Manage Manual

Greddy’s piggyback fuel and timing computer is exactly what the doctor ordered for obdii vehicles who are challenged with timing issues. The install of the Emanage unit should be something that is performed by an experienced tuner or expert mechanic ONLY!. We are not responsible for any damage to your application!!

Tools needed :

  • Wire Strippers or scissors
  • Pliers
  • 10 mm socket and handle
  • Soldering Iron

The Emanage unit is accompanied with all the hardware necessary for the install. Please study the ECU pinouts before beginning.



First start by sliding your passenger seat as far back as possible to allow you the space to operate. In our test vehicle, this 2001 Acura Integra the ECU is found in the lower kickpanel on the passenger side footwell.



After you have the kick panel removed, then undo the 2 10 mm nuts holding the ECU Cover on. Then unbolt your ECU, pivot it toward you and start unplugging harnesses



Remove your Emanage unit and the harness supplied. Lay it all out in front of you so for ease of install. Take the time to review this handy chart which shows you how to connect the Emanage to a MAP or pressure driven vehicle, like your Integra.


First we start with the White Greddy wire, which for our car goes to the MAP input signal. You will be splicing into this signal as you don’t want to rob the ECU of being able to see absolute manifold pressure.



First step of the wiring process behind our How to Install a Greddy Emanage article is the MAP. Find the MAP input signal, wire D3 on our pinout. Cut this wire in half, connect the white wire to the sensor side of the harness.



Then connect the Green Wire on the Greddy Emanage Harness to the other side of the MAP wire. The green wire is MAP output signal.



Take the brown GReddy Emanage wire for RPM Signal and connect it to A20 on the ECU, which would be Ignition Control Module.



Take the red Greddy wire for power and connect it to A11 on the ECU, which would be ECU power on this P72 OBDII ECU.



Then take the black Greddy wire for ground and connect it to A10 on the ECU which is Power Ground 1 Take the Yellow and light blue wires, which are VTEC output / input respectively. Find the A8 wire on the ECU which is the VTEC Solenoid wire and cut it in half. Connect the Yellow wire to the sensor side of the harness, and connect the light blue wire to the ECU side of the harness



Locate the VTEC Pressure Switch, pin C15 on the ECU pinout. Cut this wire in half and take the Purple VTM output wire on the Greddy loom and connect it to ECU side of wire C15





Now wrap everything up, and mount your Emanage somewhere safe and hidden away. You can opt to tuck it up and behind your glovebox or try to squeeze it behind the passenger side kickpanel.

There are quite a few versions of the Emanage in existence as we talked about at the beginning of our how to install a Greddy Emanage, including the Ultimate.


Greddy Ultimate Emanage Jumper toggles

Jumper No. Signal Description OPEN 1 – 2 2 – 3 Factory Setting
JP1 Injector Input / Output Signal CH-1 IN /OUT Addition Only – OPEN
JP2 Injector Input / Output Signal CH-2 IN /OUT Addition Only – OPEN
JP3 Injector Input / Output Signal CH-3 IN /OUT Addition Only – OPEN
JP4 Injector Input / Output Signal CH-4 IN /OUT Addition Only – OPEN
JP5 Injector Input / Output Signal CH-5 IN /OUT Addition Only – OPEN
JP6 Injector Input / Output Signal CH-6 IN /OUT Addition Only – OPEN
JP7 Ignition Input Signal – Normal Honda Distributor 1 – 2
JP8 Ignition Output Signal – 5V 12V 1 – 2
JP9 Airflow Signal Input / Output Normal Mazda Hot Wire – OPEN
JP10 Airflow Signal Input 2 / VTEC Output – GT-R RB26DETT VTEC OUT 1 – 2
JP11 OPTION 1 Normal GReddy Temp Sensor – OPEN
JP12 OPTION 2 Normal GReddy Temp Sensor – OPEN
JP13 Knock Signal Input 1 / Water Temp Input Normal Pull up – OPEN
JP14 Knock Signal Input 2 / Intake Temp Input Normal Pull up – OPEN
JP15 RPM Signal Input – Normal Input Coil (-) 1 – 2
JP16 Frequency Input / VTEC Input Karman IN VTEC IN VTEC IN (K20A) OPEN
JP17 Frequency Output / VTM Output VTM Karman Output – 1 – 2
JP18 Injector Input / Output Signal CH1~6 IN / OUT Addition Only – OPEN
JP19 Injector Signal CH-A I/J Addition I/J, Sub I/J, NVCS, Relay(-) – 1 – 2
JP20 Injector Signal CH-B I/J Addition I/J, Sub I/J, NVCS, Relay(-) – 1 – 2

Use these presets to adjust the operation of your Ultimate as you see fit. Pay particular notice to the jumpers 1 through 6 which control the individual input and output states. For example : JP1 Injector Input / Output Signal CH1 – When setting this to “OPEN” when you are using the Injector Adjustment Map to add fuel.


Depending on your setup and application, you may also need to open the unit to set jumpers depending on whether or not your car has VTEC.

You have now completed our How To Install a Greddy Emanage Guide, and now you have the power to tune your Integra.