Taking a look at CXRacing's LS1 240SX Swap Kit

Taking a look at CXRacing's LS1 240SX Swap Kit


Pro Street tests the first fully Adjustable LS1 Engine and T56 Manual Transmission Mount kit for the Nissan 240SX S13 and S14

Well we’ve finally got our hands on this much anticipated kit, first announced in the early stages of 2013 we’ve gotten our hands on a production unit and will carefully be reviewing each part of the swap kit in full detail.


Initially, when we found out that CXRacing was not only going to develop this kit, but in fact race it we had to take a step back and scratch our collective heads. After all, the LS swapped 240sx scene isn’t exactly what you would call a fresh face of the industry, but after getting our hands on this kit, it’s quite clear why they’ve decided to take the plunge.

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Aesthetically, this kit is superb with aluminum mount plates and high density polyurethane bushings for each offset motor mount and transmission mounts. But where this kit really shines is the usage of their innovative motor mount design with CNC drilled mount holes 1/2″ apart, allowing the user to move the motor forward to backward for the ultimate fitment and finish.


In addition to being able to move the motor back and forwards a 1/2″ at a time, the engine center mount is also offset in reference to the center line meaning it can be flipped as well to adjust the height of the motor. Never before have people had this much adjustibility when swapping this GEN III powerplant into their 240SX chassis, and CX Racing delivers!

Unlike many competitors, the transmission mounts is a thick 1/4″ 304 stainless steel mount that means business and has excellent fitment in our donor S14.


In addition to the mount and transmission mount kits, we will be testing the CXRacing long tube headers along with their driveshaft solution as a total turnkey swap solution for your 240sx.

Stay tuned!


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