ClimbKhana : Ken Block Dominates Pikes Peak

ClimbKhana : Ken Block Dominates Pikes Peak


The way we share viral content, drift videos and race footage can often jade your perspective. After a certain number of videos, it gets harder and harder to impress you. Buckle yourself in however as Ken Block takes it to a new level in his latest drift video “ClimbKhana.” You’ve seen him go from Hollywood to the streets of San Francisco, but nothing compares to this death defying hill climb.

Affectionately named to fit the moniker of the popular drift series, the king of Hoon takes on Pikes Peak in the legendary Hoonicorn. The incredible AWD Mustang first made it’s debut in Gymkhana 7 which took place in the streets of Los Angeles.


ClimbKhana however is just an entirely different kind of beast. Block is full on rage mode in this video, flexing his abilities as the Hoonicorn tears up Pikes Peak. The way in which he attacks each corner is breathtakingly close to disaster as the video progresses.

Representing America’s most dangerous and famous uphill road, Pikes Peak is the perfect playground for the Hoonicorn AWD Mustang. ClimbKhana could be one of Ken Block’s most impressive videos, and that’s saying something. While he’s been incredible throughout his career, this video is a different beast. In other words, the speed and ferocity in which Ken Block pilots the Mustang up Pikes Peak is truly a sight to behold.

The best part of the ClimbKhana video is just the ease in which Block slides up, down and through the mountain course. Don’t forget to check out the best of ClimbKhana later on this month either. What is your favorite part of Ken Block’s ClimbKhana drift video? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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