New 2018 Honda Accord is the Type R of Sedans

New 2018 Honda Accord is the Type R of Sedans


Family sedans are becoming more performance orientated, and the 10th generation Accord is falling in line. The all new 2018 Honda Accord is getting the Type R treatment, and leaving the  V6 engine option behind. Sharing the same K series powerplant as the Civic Type R means that Honda is shifting the focus of the Accord in a big way.

How big of a shift? The 2018 Honda Accord will no longer be offered as a coupe. It’s also getting a new heart, and a turbo to boot.

Getting 2 versions of the turbocharged Earth Dreams engine, the 2018 Honda Accord quickly becomes the hot choice for performance sedans. The Accord joins a host of other performance sedans that are leaving the V6 option behind. And really who can blame them? The V6 is heavy, inefficient and not ideal given the move by automakers to downsize engine sizes.

Inside the 2018 Honda Accord Numbers

You may be asking yourself, no more 2 door or V6 option? How is this this car still an Accord? Honda is willing to bet the bump in performance is more than enough of a draw. For starters the new 2.0 liter turbo VTEC engine will crank out 252 horsepower stock form. Torque increases 21 ft lbs from 252 to 273. What’s more important the turbocharged engine provides a new host of possibilities for modification and tuning.

For those worrying about turbo lag, Honda says don’t fret. Boost comes on as early as 1,500 rpm, and only figures to pull harder through the VTEC powerband. The base 2018 Honda Accord will come with the 1.5 liter turbo VTEC found in the Civic. The choice in engines could make the Accord the go-to choice for affordable family muscle.

What’s more? The 2018 Honda Accord can come with a manual transmission, something that’s harder and harder to find in today’s sports car. Given what aftermarket tuners have done with the 2.0 liter turbo VTEC engine, seeing a manual Accord with 300 horsepower seems easy enough to see.

Honda Accord Measurables

The 2018 Honda Accord will also be longer and wider, giving the sedan an aggressive look. The interior will also feature a huge upgrade in refinement, and Honda is adding another set of infotainment options to the new model.

In keeping with the performance centric upgrades, Honda is also adding a set of adaptive dampers to each corner. Curb weight will decrease, and Honda claims that weight distribution is improved to 60/40 front/rear.

All in all, the upgrades promise to make the 2018 Honda Accord a true sleeper in the performance segment. What do you think about the new Honda Accord? Are you happy about the fact that the turbo VTEC engine will come in the 2018 Honda Accord? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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