Watch a Crazy Skyline GTR Crash in the Rain

Watch a Crazy Skyline GTR Crash in the Rain


You don’t see two Skyline GT-R’s drag race with this kind of crash and collateral damage everyday… but this Russian Unlim 500+ video is incredible. Showing this Skyline GTR Crash in real time, this unknown track has 2 GTR’s racing in the rain before the fateful crash. Although racing in the rain is normally taboo, it’s normally not an issue for these AWD beasts.. you would think.

The drag race looks normal until the driver in the left lane begins to lose a bit of control. What begins as an innocent hydroplane turns into a disastrous Skyline GTR Crash that claims one expensive Nissan supercar. Watch the carnage and the full Skyline GTR Crash video below.

Here are some facts to go along with this incredible Skyline GTR crash video.

1. The driver of the car Nissan GT-R with the onboard number 31 after the accident passed a medical examination.

2. The accident occurred during the show-races, which were organized by request of participants and spectators.

3. All the races were provided under all safety rules and conducted in the presence of fire safety, emergency and rescue vehicles.

4. Organizers regard this case as a precedent for strengthening measures safety during the Unlim 500+ festival. List of measures and changes in the the regulations of the events will be published in the near future.


This cautionary Skyline GTR crash video is just another case as to why you don’t drag race in the rain. Officials of the Russian Unlim 500+ festival say that the normal rules and regulations around racing do not apply to this non-official style of race. Either way this video is certainly an eye opener, showing that even the mighty R35 GTR is fallible.

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