VIDEO – Inside the Acura Precision Cockpit

VIDEO – Inside the Acura Precision Cockpit


Recently unveiled at the LA Auto Show, the Acura Precision Cockpit is a fully functional piece of technology that will push automotive instruments to the next level. The new Acura Precision Cockpit screen doesn’t utilize the standard touch screen, and works much like a remote tablet would. Think less iPad and more NEST remote control.

Incredibly, the new Acura Precision Cockpit creates a focused driving experience, and could change much more than just how drivers interpret data. Want the inside track to the Acura Precision Cockpit? Check out these ten must know Acura Precision Cockpit facts below.

Acura Precision Cockpit

Facts about Acura Precision Cockpit

Infotainment out of the box – The Acura Precision Cockpit technology brings the best of Android and Apple CarPlay to the driver. These infotainment features combine to bring the drvier the best functions like real time displays and navigational outputs. If you enjoy infotainment and combining smart phone devices with your car, the Acura concept cockpit is the leader in this segment.

Selective Controls – Perhaps the best function of the Acura Precision Cockpit is how the controls only show up when needed. This was a must for the Acura Precision Cockpit technology to actually make it’s way into production vehicles.

Listening to music will result in the controls being tucked away, and music information like track or artist being displayed. When you are looking to use the touchpad, whatever is on the screen will automatically shrink and move out of the way. The controls are on demand, which allow you to concentrate on driving and enjoying the ride.

Intuitive – Responsive and easy to use, the Acura Precision Cockpit is incredibly intuitive and simple. Configure how you want the screen laid out, and define the roles and rules behind the controls and how they make themselves appear.

Effective control – Not only that but the touchscreen uses an incredibly tactile interface. This means that the clicks are real and this feature cuts down on accidental clicks or unintentional inputs.

High Visibility – Because of the placement of the screen, users cut down on distracted driving because they don’t have to look down or to the center console. This allows drivers to keep their head up and their view on the road where it belongs. What’s more, the track pad gives drivers complete control from the get go when they are using the Acura Precision Cockpit.

Large and easy to see – Using two 12.3 inch color screens, the Acura Precision Cockpit are easy to view. Much like Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, the Android based system gives Acura drivers an incredible view and easy to view access to their vehicle. In other words, the new cockpit technology from Acura looks and feels like the real deal.

Packed with Features – The Acura Precision Cockpit combines the very best of information and real time data to the driver, and displays it in a manner that’s effective. The driver can switch views at any time, being able to change the display to suit the driving situation. One such feature is the augmented overlay, which gives the driver a real time view of the world with important highlights.

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