APSX Wideband Comparison

APSX Wideband Comparison


There’s not much margin for error when you are tuning your high performance engine. Your monitoring devices and engine management choices must be of the highest quality. Wideband gauges are among the most demanding of your components. For this simple reason, this APSX wideband comparison video could give you the ultimate tuning solution.

Poor quality wideband gauges can result in catastrophe. Lazy wideband sensors or faulty equipment can result in your engine blowing before you even know what’s happening. The result is a heavy paperweight, all because you decided to save a few dollars on a cheaper product.

Finding the best wideband controller is something that tuners and enthusiasts is a constantly evolving process. We’ve reported results from the Wideband Shootout, where 20+ wideband controllers were stacked against each other.

In case you were wondering, we’ve got a ton of experience with wideband solutions, but this APSX wideband comparison has us intrigued. When you are preparing for a dyno session, or simply cranking up the boost, you need the best wideband available.

We’ve also tested the NTK wideband controller as well, which stacked up very well against the AEM UEGO and Innovate wideband gauges. Let’s take a look at the all new APSX wideband in this APSX wideband comparison that finds out which is the best wideband solution on the market.

APSX wideband comparison

APSX wideband comparison

The APSX D2 wideband controller is a comprehensive all-in-one solution. Much like the AEM UEGO Failsafe, this gauge raised the bar as far as wideband features. In this APSX wideband comparison video, you’ll see a Megasquirt powered PNP Miata put the APSX D2 to the test.

Stacked up against popular options in the AEM UEGO and the Innovate widebands, the APSX excels. It responds with lightning fast outputs and the overall build quality is evident from the get go. Here’s a few other features to the new wideband that’s evident in this APSX wideband comparison.


APSX Wideband Features

High Response – Wideband gauge response is one of the most important factors, if not the most. This is one area where the APSX wideband shines. With less than 30ms response time, the gauge is head and shoulders above many of the other competitors.

Fuel Flexibility – The APSX wideband gauge is compatible with different types of fuel. Diesel, Methanol as well as E85 compatibility gives you the flexibility you need.

Easy to use – With a on-gauge button, the APSX wideband is easy to use. Switch between five different color display options with ease and navigate through the different options quickly.

Functionality – As shown in this APSX wideband comparison video, the wideband integrates seamlessly with standalone ECU’s with no problem. Feed your wideband outputs to your MegaSquirt PNP, HP Tuners or EFI Live ECU computer for full data logging functionality.

Affordability – It’s not only the best wideband we’ve tested, but it’s the most affordable. While others sacrifice quality to make a cheap wideband, APSX doesn’t cut any corners.

High Quality – Made from high quality plastic, and manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, the APSX wideband is one of the best on the market.

After our own internal testing, we’ll report back with our findings and opinions on the best wideband gauge. However given this APSX wideband comparison, it’s hard to argue with both the price point and the results. Stay tuned for more information.

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