Car thieves abandon car because of manual transmission

Car thieves abandon car because of manual transmission


Easily one of the most incredible things you’ve read in a while, car thieves recently left a car behind because they couldn’t drive a stick. St. Louis resident Dustin French was recently stopped in a failed car jacking in the Benton Park neighborhood. Upon stopping at a stop sign, a car pulled up alongside him and a passenger jumped out.

The passenger pointed a firearm at French, and told him to get out of the car. The would be car thieves gave up on his car, once they noticed that it was a stick shift. French didn’t happen to own one of the most stolen cars in America, but that didn’t stop these car thieves.

The failed carjacking occurred last Thursday at approximately 11pm. French was driving away from a local gas station when the car thieves attempted to car jack him.

“A car came up right behind sort of half parallel parked behind me. A passenger got out with a firearm, told me to get out of my car and empty my pockets,”

It’s clear that the manual transmission in his vehicle stopped the car thieves from a successful car jacking. With so many constant velocity transmissions and paddle shifter transmissions out there, the fact that these idiotic car thieves gave up is simply hilarious.

French reported the car thieves, who were described as being in their early 20’s. He also shared his harrowing experience online through various social networks. It’s a cautionary tale for anyone that is driving alone and late at night.

If you are having problems with car thieves, check out our guide on how to install a fuel pump kill switch here. What do you think about this story of dumb criminals? Can you believe they gave up a car because of a manual transmission? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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