The Lexus UX concept uses hologram orb displays

The Lexus UX concept uses hologram orb displays


Recently making its debut at the Paris Motor Show a few weeks ago, the all new Lexus UX concept sizzled on stage. Leading up to the event, Lexus had been relatively quiet about what the new concept would include. One detail that they did announce was that the interior would feature “imaginative technologies for an immersive driver experience.”

Turns out Lexus wasn’t exaggerating, because the all new Lexus UX concept turns the traditional concept of display technology on its ear. The Lexus UX concept uses a three dimensional holographic display system, and its straight out of a science fiction movie. There’s been quite a few advancements when it comes to instrument displays like Audi’s innovative technology, but the Lexus UX takes the cake.

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The holographic orbs at the center of the Lexus UX concept could redefine the future of displays

At the center of the Lexus UX concept interior is a holographic orb that displays three dimensional information real time to the driver. Lexus has been at the forefront of innovation through their global brand, with such products as their hoverboard and cardboard car, and now their holographic orb display is changing the game.

The center console features a crystal shaped box that gives the Lexus UX concept it’s unique flair. From this center console, the 3D hologram shows a mix of analog and digital information about the vehicle. It gives drivers a unique way to read real time data about their Lexus, and it could make its way into production vehicles very soon.

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The hologram display isn’t the only thing that the Lexus UX concept has to offer either. The Lexus windows also boast a electrochromic film, meaning you can darken or lighten them as much as you want. The buttons and interactive elements of the concept car are all touch sensitive, giving new meaning to interior technology.

Their crossover concept definitely looks to be a mold-breaking model, and it could change the way that Lexus makes vehicles in the very near future. What do you think of the new Lexus UX concept holographic technology? Leave us a comment below and let us know, and subscribe to My Pro Street for all the latest in tech tips, auto news and guides.