2017 Subaru Legacy Review

2017 Subaru Legacy Review


The all new 2017 Subaru Legacy is ready to take on all comers in the midsize sedan segment, and it shows. Changes to the new Legacy put it squarely in the mix with the competition, a clear cut decision made by Subaru themselves. After all, it takes more than Subaru’s all wheel drive system to draw buyers away from their Camrys and their Accords.

Refined for the 6th generation, the 2017 Subaru Legacy takes comfort and style to a new level. The changes to the interior and exterior highlight a conscious effort to crank up the value in the Legacy. Building upon the Subaru standard of functionality and ease of use over styling, the new Legacy is an incredible value.

Overall what the 2017 Subaru Legacy offers to the midsize buyer is a sedan that excels in practicality and function. It’s a remade design that improves an already safe sedan and gives you the best combination of performance and practicality.

2017 Subaru Legacy 2

2017 Subaru Legacy Upgrades

Interior –  The changes to the 2017 Subaru Legacy start inside the cabin, where Subaru has gone to work. They’ve remodeled the interior that’s been called spartan by many automotive experts and cranked up the excitement a bit.

At the center of the interior is the 6.2 inch touchscreen monitor that comes standard. The Subaru infotainment system uses an array of touch sensors that give the driver complete control. For premium 2017 Subaru Legacy models, the screen grows to over 7 inch and includes voice commands as well as pinch and swipe controls. Of course all of the new Legacy models come complete with a range of Android and Apple Car Play features.

Much like the all new Impreza, the Legacy is growing a tad based on the new Subaru Global platform. There are some slight complaints as far as the interior goes, namely the roofline is a tad low for rear seated passengers. It makes getting in and out of the rear seats a bit of a chore, but luckily there’s plenty of legroom to make up for that drawback.

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Performance – The increase in comfort and luxury for the all new 2017 Subaru Legacy doesn’t affect it’s overall performance, thankfully. Comfortable in urban and everyday driving settings, but more than capable when pushed in the corners. The Subaru Legacy makes full use of the legendary AWD system, which makes the Legacy feel at home when pushed on curvaceous roads.

The 2017 Subaru Legacy comes with an available 2.5 liter 4-cylinder or a 3.6 liter 6-cylinder engine. Both are of the Subaru boxer variety that are mounted horizontally, giving you a range of horsepower and torque to choose from. For those who want that extra oomph, you can opt for the 6 cylinder for enhanced acceleration. Be wary however as the 3.6 liter rated at 256 horsepower also gets just 29 mpg, which isn’t all that bad considering the 2017 Subaru Legacy is still AWD. The four cylinder 2.5 liter is rated at 36 mpg which offers a lot more value for daily drivers.

Safety features – Subaru has been an industry leader in this segment with their Eyesight technology. Utilizing a pair of windshield mounted cameras, the 2017 Subaru Legacy will include such standard features like adaptive cruise control, Lane departure warning as well as pre-collision braking, These features also include a stoplight alert that lets you know when the driver ahead of you is gone.

These changes to the 2017 Subaru Legacy make it one of the most appealing mid size sedans on the market. If you are on the market for a new car and want to buy the best midsize sedan available, the Legacy should factor into your decision.  The 2017 Subaru Legacy can be had for around $22,000 as a starting price, which giets you Subaru AWD and a bevy of features. These include standard steering wheel paddle shifters, a constant variable transmission ratio and Bluetooth connectivity that’s coupled to a pair of USB and auxiliary inputs as well as a backup camera.

Unfortunately the Subaru Eyesight safety suite is only available through a $3,000 dollar navigation option that includes a moonroof and keyless access package. Still, for $33,000 for a fully loaded model, it’s still a highly desirable new sedan when compared to Honda, Mazda and Ford models.

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