Press Release – New BLOX Turbo Gaskets

Press Release – New BLOX Turbo Gaskets

One of the trusted names in sport compact and Honda tuning, BLOX Racing just released their lineup of turbo gaskets. These multi-layered or MLS BLOX Turbo Gaskets are made from stainless steel and engineered for a perfect fit. Ditch that old graphite blown turbo gasket and go with a new set from BLOX Racing.
Available in T3 and T4 turbocharger inlet sizes, these BLOX turbo gaskets are also reusable. You can choose from divided turbo housing or non-divided turbo gaskets, now in stock at Pro Street. It’s perfect for any bolt on turbo kit or turbocharger upgrade, and an excellent choice when you are completing a JDM engine swap.
blown turbo gaskets 4
Blown turbo gasket
Don’t waste your time with inferior turbo gaskets and instead pick up a set of these fantastic MLS stainless steel gaskets. Engineered and designed to provide your turbocharger inlet with a positive seal. These BLOX turbo gaskets are made to withstand the abuse and high heat of your turbocharged engine bay.

MLS BLOX Turbo Gasket Specifications

  • Made from stainless steel – resistant to moisture and corrosion
  • Strength in numbers – Six total layers of metal gasket
  • Thickness – 1.5mm
Worried about turbo gasket blowout or improper seating? Not to fret. These MLS BLOX turbo gaskets come with stainless steel fire rings to ensure a proper ring crush and increased seal.
These heavy duty BLOX turbo gaskets are made using six independent sheets of stainless steel. Combined with the high quality of BLOX Racing products and their dedication to customer satisfaction, these gaskets are one of the best bang for your buck options.
Have more questions about these MLS BLOX turbo gaskets? Look at the chart below for fitment, sizing and part numbers.
MLS 4-Bolt Exhaust Manifold Gasket
12.5mm bolt holes
T3, Divided
MLS 4-Bolt Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Slotted 11.8mm x 13.8mm bolt holes
T4, Open
MLS 4-Bolt Exhaust Manifold Gasket
12.5mm bolt holes
T3, Open
MLS 4-Bolt Exhaust Manifold Gasket
11.8mm bolt holes
T4, Divided

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