Omni Directional Tires Greatest Invention Ever?

Omni Directional Tires Greatest Invention Ever?


The age old cliche that necessity is the mother of invention still holds true for Canadian big rig trucker William Liddiard. Upon seeing the struggles of modern day drivers trying to parallel park, Liddiard invented the world’s first omni directional tires. These tires allow the user to move their car sideways or diagonally to suit their needs. This is all done without turning the wheels, tires or steering wheel. This means you can remotely parallel park your vehicle or move it without having to jump in and start it.

The inventor created his set of omni directional tires n his brother’s barn which speaks to his engineering ability. These tires can be bolted onto any vehicle and do not require the car to be built around them. It remains to be seen just how viable these omni directional tires are for the real world however.

omni directional tires

William Liddiard’s invention is still to be celebrated however, and we can all imagine that one person in our lives who could definitely use them. Omni directional tires aren’t a new idea but this is the first real implementation of said technology. The video above shows the inventor’s Toyota Echo being moved sideways and rotating, showcasing the tires ability and flexibility.

For these omni directional tires to become a reality they would have to deal with the weather and road conditions in the real world. However feasible these tires are, it’s remarkable that one man could invent one in his backyard, let alone make them work.

Liddiard has his own Youtube channel where he’s showcasing his omni directional tires. He claims that his tires have held up under duress and various road conditions. His invention could change the way that anything with wheels move, drive and park. According to notes in his channel, he’s looking to move forward towards a true production version of his omni directional tires.