Deatschwerks DWR1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator

Deatschwerks DWR1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator


Deatschwerks just released their all new DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator, and it’s ready to change the game. Deatschwerks is one of the most trusted names in fuel delivery, and they’ve built the best fuel pressure regulator on the market. Using their expertise and engineering, their new fuel pressure regulator takes the ultimate stance on fuel control.

Using the same techniques that built their successful line up of fuel pumps and injectors, Deatschwerks built their all new FPR. In building the new DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator, they’ve taken every aspect of current FPR technology and raised the bar.

What makes the all new fuel pressure regulator from Deatschwerks so special? It’s using the best components available, and it can support up to 500 LPH+ worth of fuel flow. What does this mean for you? You’ll have the best fuel pressure regulator on the market, capable of supporting 1000+ horsepower.

Features of the DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator

DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator

Plays well with others – Giving your engine build and fuel setup complete flexibility, the new DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator is 100% compatible with Ethanol.

So if you are thinking about converting to E85, you’ll need the best components.

High Quality components – Whether it’s from the housing or the diaphragm, every part of the new DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator is built with highest quality components.

Spring into Action – At the heart of the all new fuel pressure regulator is a high carbon steel spring. It’s meant for years of maintenance free operation and designed to combat spring fatigue.

Finite adjust-ability – Using a smooth ball bearing adjustment cap, users can adjust pressure 2 pounds of pressure at a time. This gives you the ability to crank up fuel pressure in your rail from 30-100+ PSI.

No brass – Most aftermarket fuel pressure regulators use brass fittings or internals to save money and production costs. Over time these components can wear faster, and exposed to alternate fuels like E85 can lead to premature failure.

That’s not so with the all new DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator, which is made from stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and nitrile.

Flexible fittings – The DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator comes with 2 inlet ports for single or dual rail plumbing. Each feed line fitting is meant to be flexible in single rail or dual rail setup, and terminates in -6AN ORB. The all new fuel pressure regulator comes with a 1/8 NPT gauge port fitting. It makes it easy to mount a liquid filled fuel pressure regulator or install an electronic fuel sender.

Small form factor – The new DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator features a housing that’s small and easy to mount anywhere in your engine bay. Made from anodized T6061, the DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator also allows for complete functionality and maximum durability.

Are you considering making the jump to E85? Want to know how to set or convert your fuel lines to be E85 compatible? There are several E85 fuel pumps that can provide the kind of flow you are looking for, just take a look at a few of them here.

Additional DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator specs

  • Fully Stainless hardware
  • Nitrile diaphragm
  • 100% brass free
  • Precision Pressure Adjustment
  • Smooth ball bearing adjustment
  • 2psi/turn pressure ratio
  • Massive 45mm diaphragm
  • Maximum Installation Flexibility
  • Multi-positional mounting bracket

Want to learn more about the Deatschwerks new DWR1000? The part number for this new fuel modification is 6-1000-FRBTake a look at it in our online store to discover how to take your fuel setup to a new level.