2017 Lexus GS F Review

2017 Lexus GS F Review



As challenges go the Lexus GS F has quite a tall task ahead of it. Designed to compete with the likes of the Mercedes-AMG E63 and BMW M5, it definitely has it’s work cut out for itself. Instead of challenging the specifications of these other luxury sport coupes however, the Lexus GS F is more about finish than flash.

One of the more stunning vehicles in the Lexus lineup at the SEMA Auto Show, there’s a lot to love about this luxury sedan. Backed by a flexible and responsive naturally aspirated V8, there’s a wide band of power to get your thrills. Refinement and overall build quality is unsurpassed in the Lexus GS F, and it’s got style to spare.

As far as performance goes however, this leaves the Lexus sedan far behind the competition at least on paper. With just 471 rated bhp, the GS F checks in far below some of the other luxury coupes, some of which crank out more than 600 bhp.


While the Lexus GS F is deficient as far as raw horsepower is concerned, it’s definitely got the refinement that luxury owners are looking for.

The chassis is rigid and has undergone several enhancements making it a stiffer ride. This is coupled with lighter composite control arms and a remade suspension. Riding with four 19inch rims at each corner, the Lexus GS F provides a taut ride with reassuring firmness.

Under hard exits and tight corners the Lexus GS F has enough agility and poise for most enthusiasts. Unlike some of the other competitors in this segment the sedan has plenty of steering feedback, which allows you to feel connected to the road.

However the lack of overall power and especially torque are alarming. Our road tests put the Lexus GS F far behind the likes of the Audi RS7 and AMG E63 when it comes to the butt dyno. This lack of power is further accentuated due to the automatic transmission. Constant wide open throttle inputs seemed to confuse the transmission in automatic mode. When switched to manual inputs, the transmission varied the shifting from what can only be described as inconsistent.

Where the Lexus GS F really shines is in the interior, which is laid out brilliantly. Leather
sports seats are comfortable and provide supple support. It’s even enough to keep you planted decently during any hard cornering efforts. The adjustable steering column gives you the customization you need for a steady and comfortable ride. The in cabin noise filter was certainly one of the features we remembered to turn off at every single interval.

The instrument cluster is a tad cluttered, and what might very well be the world’s smallest analog speedometer is rather hard to see. The display and infotainment are well laid out and controlled through a central dial. This gives you the freedom to change functions on the fly depending on what drive mode happens to be active.

Overall the Lexus GS F is a competent performer, but it’s not truly plush enough to compete with the likes of the M5, nor agile and fast enough to keep pace with the AMG. Lexus fans however will still love to own and drive this remarkable luxury sedan.