How To Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring Diagram

How To Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring Diagram


Installing any sort of mobile electronics into your Nissan will require you to deal with your Pathfinder stereo wiring. Whether this means that you’ll be connecting a plug and play stereo harness or wiring it up yourself, there are many ways to complete your Pathfinder stereo install. If you are upgrading your Nissan Pathfinder stereo or wiring up a crossover, car stereo amplifier or MP3 player, this Pathfinder stereo wiring diagram can assist.

Today I’ll be showing you the definitive Nissan Pathfinder stereo wiring guide. This wiring schematic is a complete listing of all the car audio wires in your Nissan. Using this Pathfinder stereo wiring guide, you can quickly and easily install or upgrade any part of your Nissan sound system.

Eliminating your factory Pathfinder stereo is easy to do, unless you own a later model that’s equipped with navigation and a touch screen. If you have a standard Pathfinder radio, chances are your Pathfinder radio install will be painless. Upgrading your Nissan Pathfinder stereo is easy with this complete Pathfinder stereo wiring guide. Don’t waste time tracking down Pathfinder speaker wires or struggling with wiring schematics, when you turn to our car audio wiring guide for help.

First Gen Pathfinder stereo wiring 1985–1995

The Pathfinder is a flexible Nissan truck that’s based on the D21 pickup. The Pathfinder stereo in this year range featured a single DIN design, which made it easy to upgrade. If you are stepping up to a dual DIN setup, you may require a custom stereo installation kit.

1990 Nissan Pathfinder stereo wiring diagram

Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Red/Black
Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: Blue
Car Radio Illumination Wire: Red/Yellow

The front Pathfinder speakers can easily be upgraded through the front door panels. These are usually 5 ” Nissan factory speakers, and accessing them requires you to remove the door panels. Installing bass blockers or a car audio crossover is easy to do through the wiring diagram below for your car audio speakers.

1995 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagram

Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue/White
Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Blue/Yellow
Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown
Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/White

The rear Pathfinder speakers are mounted into the rear panels and are 6 ” x 9 ” speakers. Upgrading them can be simple to do if you’ve got our Pathfinder stereo wiring schematic.

Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Red
Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Green
Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue
Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Pink

Second Gen Pathfinder stereo wiring 1995–2005

There are several upgrades to the interior of the Nissan Pathfinder in this next generation of truck. To access your factory Nissan stereo, you will need to remove the front fascia and the side kick panels on both the driver and passenger side.

1996 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagram

Installing a single DIN aftermarket stereo will require a DIN sized pocket that gives the factory Nissan double DIN setup the right spacing.

Car Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Pink
Car Radio Ignition Switched 12V+ Wire: Blue
Car Radio Ground Wire: Gray
Car Stereo Illumination Wire: Red/Blue
Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: Red/Yellow

Installing a double DIN aftermarket stereo is easy to do in this year range Pathfinder. If you are installing a single DIN with a motorized face or flip up screen, make sure to use stereo mounting brackets.

1998 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagramThese brackets are easily configurable to make sure that your flip up stereo or navigation unit will not run into the Pathfinder climate controls.
Left Front Speaker Wire (+): Green
Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Red
Right Front Speaker Wire (+): Brown
Right Front Speaker Wire (-): Black/White

Upgrading the rear speakers in your Pathfinder is made easy through the rear door panels.

The stock Pathfinder speakers measure 6 1/2 inches in diameter and you can upgrade the sound system easily in your Nissan.

Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): Light Green
Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Black/Yellow
Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): Orange
Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): Black/Pink

2003 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagram

Third Gen Pathfinder stereo wiring 2004–2012

The last model of Nissan truck made several changes to the Pathfinder stereo. Gone is the center mounted factory unit and navigation also came as an optional upgrade. Depending on the model of your Pathfinder, you can easily upgrade to a double DIN navigation system or aftermarket Pathfinder radio.

2010 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagram

Car Radio Battery Constant 12V+ Wire: Yellow
Car Radio Accessory Switched 12V+ Wire: Green/Black
Car Radio Ground Wire: Chassis

Although you can wire your new Pathfinder stereo into the chassis ground, you can also tap into the steering column. Your Nissan Pathfinder ignition column will have switched power and ground wiring available in case you need extra for your Pathfinder stereo install.
Car Radio Illumination Wire: Red
Car Radio Dimmer Wire: Gray
Car Radio Antenna Trigger Wire: Green

The Nissan of this generation also came with tweeters up front. The Pathfinder tweeters measure 2″ in size and are mounted in a way where upgrading them isn’t too hard.

2006 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagram 1If your Pathfinder navigation came from the factory, you may need an electronic bypass.

This unit will allow you to easily handle the bypass stereo wiring, and correct any issues with your Pathfinder backup camera if you have one.

Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown
Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Blue
Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Light Green
Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Red

2011 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagramLeft Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Green
Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Black
Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Gray
Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Orange

Of course much like previous generations of Pathfinder, you can upgrade to a single DIN stereo easily. You will require a Nissan Pathfinder stereo install kit as well as new mounting brackets however.

2007 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagramAlthough the Nissan Pathfinder came with a variety of stereo upgrades in this year range, it’s very common for owners who want a better navigation system or larger touch screen.

The standard opening is a double DIN, so fitting a 7-10 inch touch screen monitor or navigation into your Pathfinder is doable. You can go a step larger if you use one with a tilting face. Be careful not to overdo it however and make sure that you use proper shading to keep your touch screen monitor safe from exposure to sunlight.

2006 Nissan Pathfinder Stereo Wiring diagram 11

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