Gymkhana 8 Countdown Begins

Gymkhana 8 Countdown Begins


You’ve got to be living under a rock if you don’t know about the Gymkhana series, featuring world famous drifter Ken Block. Easily one of the best drift video series of its kind, the iconic series has taken us through San Francisco, Hollywood and the streets of LA. News of Gymkhana 8 has hit the Internet, featuring this teaser video of the Ford Focus that Block will undoubtedly feature in Dubai.

The attention to detail on the new Ford Focus livery is incredible. Featuring a reflective wrap and dark yet bright color scheme, Ken Block’s new Gymkhana video just might be his best yet.

gymkhana 8 1

His newly minted Ford Fiesta ST RX43 has over 650 horsepower on tap, and is taking over the Gymkhana mantle from the Hoonicorn. Many of you will remember the incredible AWD Ford Mustang that ripped through Los Angeles in Gymkhana 7.

gymkhana 8

The new Ford Focus looks to build on his previous Focus with a blacked out look that’s not so blacked out after careful inspection. As the video above will show, Ken Block’s reflective Focus has more to it than meets the eye.

Gymkhana 8 is set for release at midnight on February 30th on the Ford Performance YouTube channel. The details about the new drift video have been scarce, but according to some early tidbits it may feature a set of Dubai police cars in hot pursuit.

Ken Block tweeted the image above, of him standing on top of his Ford Focus. Behind him looks to be the fleet of Dubai’s police cars, many of which are supercars. Incredibly the bulk of Dubai’s supercar police force is dedicated to extending goodwill to its citizens, rather than tracking down bad guys.

No matter what their primary purpose is, we are banking on the fact that they’ll be putting on an incredible showing in Gymkhana 8. For more details on Ken Block, the Gymkhana series and the upcoming Gymkhana 8 drift video, subscribe to Ford Performance TV and Theoonigans.