McLaren Bait Car is the Greatest Thing Ever

McLaren Bait Car is the Greatest Thing Ever


Anyone who has ever had the unfortunate experience of having their car stolen knows how crushing this experience can be. Anyone who has ever wished they could exact some sweet revenge against car thieves has enjoyed the classic car bait prank. Thankfully for those who enjoy watching car thieves suffer, JoeySalads give us this incredible McLaren bait car video.

It’s a simple principle and really, who doesn’t love this setup? Car is left in an undesirable location of the neighborhood and rigged to catch thieves. Seeing car thieves and scum get what they deserve is always a rewarding experience. Hell, there was an entire television series based on this very idea, and it ran it’s course in six states over a total of five years.

As entertaining as watching car thieves get thrown in jail was, it was certainly high stakes entertainment. The bait car was rigged to shut off and the thieves were arrested on the spot. The latest video from JoeySalads is a tad bit lighter, featuring a McLaren bait car prank that is pure comedy gold.

joey salads mclaren bait car

Rigged with a dog shock collar this video gives would-be car thieves the shock of their life.. literally. Rigged to the seat of a lime green McLaren the car is just right to attract the wrong kind of person.

With the car keys sitting in plain view, there’s a few stupid jokers that try to get into the car and steal it. That’s when the voltage is applied to their backside with exposed wires that are connected to an electric dog shock collar.

We haven’t seen the specifics on this shock collar setup, but considering how common cars are stolen, we’d be interested to see someone make this a real product. After all connecting it to an alarm couldn’t be that hard.

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