Ten Best Super Bowl Car Commercials of All Time

Ten Best Super Bowl Car Commercials of All Time


As the Super Bowl quickly approaches it’s incredible just how much attention the commercials garner. In fact to many Super Bowl watchers the commercials are more than part of the excitement that is the big game. If you are a gear head and love cars, there’s no doubt that some of these Super Bowl car commercials are memorable to you.

Many of the commercials on this list are majestic while others are funny. There are several manufacturers that feature prominently on this list however, namely the Nissan and their 300ZX. Known as the Japanese supercar back in the 90s, the 300ZX carries on the name in the 350Z and the VQ35.

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Ten Best Super Bowl Car Commercials

Super Bowl Commercials have quickly become a big part of the big game, often being much more memorable than many of the games in recent memory. It's hard to believe but there's some people that tune into the Super Bowl just for the hilarious variety of commercials. This is especially true for gear heads and DIY enthusiasts who love cars as well. Funny or sexy, oddball and corny, we've got a full list of the Ten Best Super Bowl ads.

If you were wondering about some of the best Super Bowl car commercials, we've got them listed here. You'll notice that many of the popular ads might have been left off, so if you feel as though I've missed any please leave a comment below.


2014 Super Bowl Commerical - Maserati Ghibli - Strike

Jan 30, 2016 - youtube.com - 25
2014 Super Bowl Commerical - Maserati Ghibli - Strike

Maserti's ad in the Super Bowl is both poetic and meaningful, culminating in an awesome commercial that displays their striking performance and unrelenting passion for excellence.

Of course there are several runners up in our countdown that didn’t quite make the cut. These might not have made our Ten Best Super Bowl car commercials list but there’s no doubting the incredible production value.

Acura’s Super Bowl car commercial last year was a hard one to leave off. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld tries his best to bribe his way ahead in line to get the all new Acura NSX. Not to be outdone, Acura is highlighting the new NSX in this year’s Super Bowl 50.

Funny, sexy and a tad cheeky this Super Bowl car commercial shows a man being seduced by the all new Fiat 500 Abarth. What starts out as every man’s possible dream turns out to be one of the funnier and sexier Super Bowl car commercials of all time.

Car thieves are never a funny topic, unless of course you are talking about the innovative Trunk Monkey. This series of short ads ran late in various Super Bowls, and were one of the harder car commercials to leave off the list. This hilarious commercial shows a fictional monkey that hides inside of your car trunk and gives you the perfect solution to whatever issue is at hand.

What did you think of our Ten Best Super Bowl car commercials list? Have any you think we left off by mistake? Leave us a comment below and let us know!