How To Test a Honda Odyssey Fuel Injector

How To Test a Honda Odyssey Fuel Injector


When your Odyssey Fuel Injector becomes clogged or fails, your engine idle is going to suffer for it. Because your injector won’t fire properly this can lead to engine imbalance if one of your cylinders are not operating as it should. This condition can lead to sluggish performance from your Honda van and your catalytic converter could fail from the excessive hydrocarbons present in the exhaust.

Today I’ll be showing you how to test your Odyssey fuel injector one at a time. This testing procedure will be done in a 1998 Honda with the 2.3 liter engine in it. Because this Honda van is equipped with the SOHC F series engine. If you have misfire in your Honda Odyssey or there’s one dead cylinder this DIY tutorial can help you test your Odyssey fuel injector.

How To Test a Honda Odyssey Fuel Injector 1

Reaching your fuel injectors is much easier than the J series engines found in later model Odyssey vans. However to test your Odyssey fuel injector you will need to use a digital multimeter to determine whether or not the internal coil is any good.

How can I tell if my Odyssey fuel injector is clogged or not?

This will require you to test if your Odyssey fuel injector still returns the right internal resistance. If this resistance test works out but your injector in question is still misfiring or not working, it’s a good indicator that it’s clogged.

In order to test your Honda Odyssey fuel injector, you will need to open your hood and disconnect the harness. These fuel injectors are connected by way of a two pin weatherproof harness. Locate and disconnect all of your fuel injectors by simply depressing on the lock pins and pulling up.

How To Test a Honda Odyssey Fuel Injector 2

Once you’ve opened your Odyssey hood and unplugged the fuel injectors. take your multimeter and turn to OHMS position to read resistance. Now you will be probing the leads on the fuel injector in question to test the internal resistance.

How To Test a Honda Odyssey Fuel Injector 4Now take the leads of your multimeter and touch them to the male pins on your Odyssey fuel injector. It does not matter which probe touches which pin, because you are measuring the resistance between the two pins.

Once you’ve read the internal resistance of the first injector, move on down the line and record each one of your findings. This allows you to find which Odyssey fuel injector is causing the issue in your engine.

The standard internal resistance for these injectors should fall between 5 to 7 Ohms Ω of resistance. These values may not be exact for your vehicle, but should fall in this range. If your injector reads much higher or lower than this value, it’s time for a replacement fuel injector.

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