How To Test a Ford Fusion Throttle Body

How To Test a Ford Fusion Throttle Body


The Fusion throttle body is what allows air to enter your engine, through your Ford accelerator pedal. When there’s a problem with this throttle body, you’ll need to test your Fusion throttle for function. Today I’ll be showing you how to test your Fusion Throttle Body in a 2014 Ford. This unit is a Drive By Wire throttle, which means it’s governed by the engine computer.

There are several problems that can arise from your Fusion Throttle Body failing. One of the first problems is your check engine light will turn on.

How To Test a Ford Fusion Throttle Body 11Problems with your throttle body can cause your gas pedal to not react. Because there’s no physical cable that connects your gas pedal to the throttle body, the drive by wire system must be tested.

If your Ford Fusion accelerator pedal doesn’t seem to respond or struggles to respond, check your local Ford dealership to see if you can have it programmed. Because the engine computer controls the throttle body, you should test it at your local dealership. If your throttle problems seem severe, you can use our how to guide to test your Ford Fusion Throttle Body.

Testing your Fusion Throttle Body

To begin testing your Ford Fusion throttle body and the drive by wire mechanism, you will need a digital multimeter. This device will help you read the DC voltage at your Fusion throttle body wiring connector and test for operation. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to remove the Fusion MAF sensor and the intake tract that leads to the throttle body.
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To do this you will need to disconnect the Fusion MAF sensor. This can only be done by pulling out on the red locking tab on the Fusion MAF and remove the harness.

How To Test a Ford Fusion Throttle Body 2

Once you have the Fusion MAF removed you can disconnect the worm clamps to your throttle body.

Remove the intake tract to your throttle body and now you can check the TPS sensor. Because this is a drive by wire system, make sure that your Ford Fusion is not responding correctly before disconnecting the throttle connector. To test the Ford Fusion throttle body, you need to put the black lead of your multimeter to the negative terminal of your battery.

How To Test a Ford Fusion Throttle Body 3There’s a red locking tab to the throttle body. This tab must be pulled out in order for you to release the throttle body harness.

Pull up on the red locking tab here, and make sure to break through the wax seal that holds the red tab in place.

Once you’ve got this red tab pulled out, you can pull the Ford Fusion Throttle Body harness. Now you can probe the ENGINE side of the throttle connector with the red lead of your multimeter.

Testing your Fusion Throttle Body for Power

The first group of wires you need to check is the power signals that go to your drive by wire throttle body. Primary power wire at this harness should send 12 volts of power, and this wire is the one that leads to PIN 4 at the Fusion wiring diagram below.

This wire should be sending 12 volts of power to your Fusion Throttle Body. If this checks out the next pin to check is PIN 2 which should be sending between 4.5 and 5 volts of power. This is also the last power wire of your Fusion Throttle Body, which works out to PIN 2.

How To Test a Ford Fusion Throttle Body 5

The next set of wires to check is your ground wires, because these are the wires that will ensure that your Fusion Throttle Body is being powered up. The first wire to check is the one leading to PIN 3. Reverse the leads on your multimeter, and put the red lead where the black one is to check for a ground signal.

This ground signal is sent from your engine compiuter, so make sure that you don’t cross the multimeter leads. Never force the leads into the female side of the engine harness, otherwise you run the risk of damaging the metal pins in the housing.

There is just one other ground signal at this throttle harness. This is PIN 5 or the wire that leads to it. If your Fusion Throttle Body checks out for power and ground for these signals, but your throttle issues remain you need a replacement throttle body.

Once you’ve replaced the throttle body you will still need to reprogram your Ford Fusion throttle. Drive by wire is typically a control that requires you to visit a dealer to reprogram it. Replace the throttle body and take your Fusion into your local Ford dealership to have them program your Drive by Wire throttle system.

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  1. You list pin 5 as being connected to ground and 5v. Is one of those a mistake? Also what do pins 1 and 6 connect to?


    • Hi Jon! Thanks for reading!

      So sorry about that typo! PIN 5 should be a ground, and PIN 2 of the Fusion throttle position sensor harness is a 5 volt signal. Hope that clears up any confusion. Thanks for commenting!