How To Test a Chevy Camaro Fuel Injector

How To Test a Chevy Camaro Fuel Injector


The Camaro Fuel Injector in your 3.8 liter V6 engine can become clogged over time. Although your Chevy fuel filter is there to help keep your fuel system clean, particulates and contaminants can make their way to your fuel injector nozzle. Your fuel injector can become clogged or simply fail outright when the internal coil loses it’s resistance.

When this happens your Camaro will run poorly. Today I’ll be showing you how to test a Chevy Camaro Fuel Injector in a 2000 Camaro RS. This vehicle is equipped with the GM 3.8 liter V6 engine.

How To Test a Chevy Camaro Fuel Injector 1

If you think that one of your injectors is going bad, it’s time to use this How To Guide to test your Chevy Camaro fuel injector. Once you’ve found the problem fuel injector, install a replacement injector to correct the issue.

Symptoms of a failed Camaro Fuel Injector

Because your fuel injector failure can cause engine imbalance or misfire, it’s going to be pretty obvious there’s an issue. Whether your Chevy injector is clogged or failed, here’s some of the most common symptoms:

  • Severe engine misfire
  • Bad engine acceleration
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Check Engine Light ON
  • Rough idle

When your OBDII check engine code is turned on, you’ll need a scan tool to check your codes. Most of these trouble codes will inform you of where your problem cylinder is, take a look below for some of the more common check engine codes.

  • P0201: Injector #1 Control Circuit
  • P0202: Injector #2 Control Circuit
  • P0203: Injector #3 Control Circuit
  • P0204: Injector #4 Control Circuit
  • P0205: Injector #5 Control Circuit
  • P0206: Injector #6 Control Circuit

Testing your Camaro Fuel Injector Internal Resistance

If you aren’t sure whether your Chevy injector is clogged or failed, this part of the test is for you. By using a digital multimeter to test the internal resistance, you’ll be able to see whether your Camaro fuel injector is any good or not

Before you begin testing the internal resistance of your injectors make sure your Chevy engine is completely cold. If you’ve recently driven your Camaro and need to perform this test, use a OBDII scan tool to make sure the engine temperature is below 100° F before you begin the tutorial.

Now take your digital multimeter and turn the dial to read resistance in OHMS. Now probe PIN A and PIN B of the fuel injector directly.

How To Test a Chevy Camaro Fuel Injector 3

If your Camaro Fuel Injector is still in good condition, it will return a resistance between 11.2 to 12.5 Ohms. If your fuel injector falls outside of this internal resistance value, you need a replacement injector.

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