How To Test a Honda Odyssey MAP Sensor

How To Test a Honda Odyssey MAP Sensor


The Odyssey MAP Sensor in your 3.5 liter minivan is responsible for measuring engine load. This is done by reading the amount of air entering your throttle body. When you step down on the gas pedal your throttle plate will swing open. This allows more air to enter your engine, and as it does your manifold pressure sensor measures the volume.

This signal is transmitted by your Odyssey MAP Sensor to your Honda computer or the Powertrain Control Module. Over time this pressure sensor may go bad, or become clogged.

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When this happens your van will begin to run rough and may throw a check engine light on your instrument cluster.

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Today I’ll be showing you how to test a Odyssey MAP Sensor in a 2006 3.5 liter V6 minivan. In order to test your pressure sensor in your Honda van, you’ll need a digital multimeter handy. Not sure how to use one or don’t know what one is? Check out our guide here for more info.

To begin testing your manifold absolute pressure sensor, open your hood and locate the unit. Unfortunately it’s under your engine cover, which will need to be replaced.

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This plastic engine cover can be removed by unscrewing the two front plastic pop rivets. These are undone using a flathead screwdriver, and all you need to do is unscrew them. Once they are loose you can pull up and out on the engine cover to expose the engine and Odyssey MAP Sensor.

Test a Odyssey MAP Sensor 3Your Odyssey MAP Sensor is mounted to the top of the throttle body. You can locate your air intake box and follow it back to locate the sensor in question. This is connected by way of a three pin weatherproof connector. We will begin testing your Odyssey MAP Sensor by checking for power and ground.

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How to test your Odyssey MAP Sensor for Power

Now that you have found your Honda pressure sensor, you can unplug the harness and get to work. Connect your digital multimeter and probe the front of PIN C as shown in the wiring diagram below.

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If you don’t have roughly 5 volts of DC power here, make sure that your ignition is turned to the “ON” position. Once you have determined you have power at this wire, you can move on to check the ground wire at PIN A.

When you have tested the power and ground of your Odyssey MAP Sensor, you can move onto the signal wire.

Test your Odyssey MAP Sensor Signal Wire

At this point of our How To guide, you know that your MAP sensor is getting power and ground. To complete the guide you will be measuring the voltage signal being sent by the MAP sensor to make sure it’s working.

This sensor works on a 0-5 volt signal, and it’s best to test this unit with a vacuum hand pump or Mighty Vac. These tools can be purchased through an auto parts store or rented. To perform this test, you will need to reconnect the Odyssey MAP Sensor and backpin PIN B.

Either pierce the middle wire using your multimeter lead, or insert an unbent paper clip to get the readings. Unbolt the MAP sensor by unscrewing the two screws that hold it into the Odyssey throttle body.

Honda Odyssey MAP Sensor

This allows you to connect a vacuum hose to the bottom of the MAP sensor and get readings while you are applying vacuum. If you don’t have a pump you can also try starting you engine and backpinning the MAP sensor with it in the throttle body.

Start your 3.5L engine and allow it to idle, at 900-1000 RPM this sensor should read .9-1.1 volts of DC power at the middle pin. Make sure the transmission is in PARK and have someone rev the engine to 2500 RPM, and at this stage the signal wire should read around 1.4-1.9 volts of DC power.

If your Odyssey MAP Sensor does not respond with these readings, it’s time to replace it. We sell replacement units through our online store or you can purchase one to clear any OBDII trouble codes.

Have any questions about our Odyssey MAP Sensor guide? Leave them for us below and let us know!