How To Test a Ford Fusion MAF Sensor

How To Test a Ford Fusion MAF Sensor


The Ford Fusion MAF sensor in your 2.5 liter Ford sedan acts as the “eyes” of your Ford computer. When you depress your gas pedal, this opens the throttle body allowing more air to rush into the engine. As this happens your mass air flow sensor or MAF sensor reads the value of the incoming air and translates it into a signal your computer will recognize.

Your engine computer is called the Powertrain Control Module, and it’s primary duty is to control the fuel and spark events of your engine. Today I’ll be showing you how to test a Fusion MAF Sensor in a 2014 Ford sedan with the 2.5 liter engine in it.

How To Test a Ford Fusion MAF Sensor

Over time the heated wire of the Ford mass air flow sensor may go bad. Also this Fusion MAF sensor is a six pin unit, which means that the Air Intake Temperature sensor is also incorporated into it. When your Fusion MAF sensor begins to go bad there is a variety of issues that can arise.

Symptoms of a failed Fusion MAF Sensor

Some of the biggest issues of a bad Ford Fusion mass air flow sensor have to do with your engine and how it performs. When your Ford PCM or powertrain control module doesn’t receive the right MAF signals your engine can run rough. Here’s a few of the symptoms of a failed Ford MAF sensor.

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Sluggish acceleration
  • Black smoke from tailpipe
  • Trouble starting engine

The Fusion MAF Sensor is located at the air inlet, and it’s mounted to the factory air box. The sensor is housed in the mass air flow housing by two screws. If you need to replace your mass air flow sensor that’s all you need to remove to replace it.

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Because the Ford mass air flow sensor is a critical component, it’s secured by a locking wiring harness. Unfortunately Ford mounted this one in a way that makes the red lock tab difficult to access.

Pull out the connector to disengage the locking mechanism. Once you have the MAF connector disconnected you can begin testing the function of your Fusion mass air flow sensor.

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To do this you will need to use an automotive multimeter, if you are not sure how to use one check our guide here. If you need a low cost digital multimeter we sell the best here at our online store.

Testing the Fusion MAF Sensor for Power

To begin you will be testing the power signal at PIN B for 5 volts of DC power. Keep in mind that you might not get an exact reading, but it should be close.

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Once you have determined that you have power, you need to check for a low reference signal or ground. Using your multimeter check PIN C for a ground signal as well as PIN E for a low reference ground signal.

You should now have determined that you are receiving power and ground at your Fusion MAF sensor. Now you will be probing the front of PIN A for a switching voltage signal. This signal should jump from 1.5 volts DC to 5 volts DC of power.

Remember that your values may vary, but they will be close to these values. If your power and ground wires check out, chances are your Fusion MAF Sensor has gone south and must be replaced.

Shop our online store to find the best replacement unit here, or at our local auto parts store. Replace your Fusion MAF Sensor by undoing the two screws that hold it to the MAF housing.

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Once done use an OBDII scanner or scan tool to reset and clear your trouble codes. You now know how to test your Ford Fusion MAF sensor! Have any questions about our guide? leave us a comment below and let us know!