How To Replace a Ford Fusion Air Filter

How To Replace a Ford Fusion Air Filter


Your Ford Fusion air filter is an essential part of your engine. This air filter element eliminates dust and particulates from your intake stream. This ensures that your 2.5 liter Ford engine is ingesting only clean, combustible air. When your Fusion air filter becomes clogged or fails, it can prevent a lack of airflow to your engine.

When your Fusion air filter fails it can also allow large debris or particulate matter into your engine. This can cause a serious issue and premature damage to your engine. Today I will be showing you how to replace your filter element in a 2014 Ford Fusion with a 2.5 liter engine in it.

Ford Fusion Air Filter 1

Of course there’s two types of air filter element that you can install into your 2.5 liter Ford Fusion. There’s an OEM replacement air filter element, and a performance air filter element like a K&N.

Ford Fusion Air Filter 2

Your Fusion Air Filter is located in the air filter housing, mounted to your mass air flow sensor. To replace or upgrade your Fusion Air Filter, you’ll need to open your hood and follow your intake tract back from the throttle body.

Ford Fusion Air Filter 3

There are two metal clips that secure the top of the air filter housing in place. Undo these metal clamps and you can remove the top half of your air filter housing.

Ford Fusion Air Filter 4

Once the metal clamps are off you can gently pry up on the air filter housing to expose the Fusion Air Filter.

Ford Fusion Air Filter 45

You will not need to undo your Ford Fusion Mass air flow sensor. Just pry up gently and pull out the filter element.

Ford Fusion Air Filter 56

Now just slip in the Ford Fusion air filter replacement, and gently align the top of your air intake housing. Now clip the metal clamps back in place, and you are done!

You now know how to replace your air filter and have restored the operation of your 2.5 liter engine. Now you can simply start up your engine when you are done to enjoy the increased airflow to your engine.

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