How To Fix Honda Odyssey No Spark Condition

How To Fix Honda Odyssey No Spark Condition


When you have a Honda Odyssey No Spark Condition, it can cause your minivan not to start or even experience engine misfire. If you believe that your Odyssey is misfiring or one of your 3.5 liter coil on plug ignition coil packs have gone bad, this guide is for you.

Your coil on plug ignition system in your Honda Odyssey is a simple three wire unit. When your coil goes bad or you’ve got an electrical issue, there’s a few ways to resolve your Odyssey no spark problem.

Today I’ll be showing you how to test your coil on plug ignition on a 2009 Honda Odyssey van with a 3.5 liter V6 in it. If you happen to own a previous generation Odyssey, check here for the directions on how to check the coils.

Odyssey No Spark

The first order of business is to remove the engine cover. It’s held on by the two front plastic pop screws, just unscrew them to loosen. Now pull up and out on the plastic engine cover.

Odyssey No Spark 1

Now that you have your Honda Odyssey cover removed, you can now begin to fix your Odyssey no spark issue. To do this however you will need to use an automotive multimeter to test for DC voltage at the coil harness. If you are not sure what this is, use our handy guide to learn here.

How To Fix your Honda Odyssey No Spark Issue

Once you have found the ignition coil that is not sending spark to your plug, you can test the unit. In our test Odyssey we have located our problem coil on plug ignition. When you find the problem ignition coil, unplug the engine ignition harness.

Odyssey No Spark 2

This is a three pin ignition connector, and our test will show whether the coil is causing your Odyssey no spark issue. To begin you will be testing the front of PIN A shown in the Honda Odyssey ignition wiring diagram below.

Odyssey No Spark 4

Insert your ignition key and turn to the “ON” position. Now gently probe the front of PIN A, which should return a 12 volt DC signal. Once you have determined that your ignition coil is getting power, the next wire to check is PIN B.

This is the low reference ground signal for your coil on plug. The final wire of course is the PIN C, which is the signal wire. This can be tested using a voltmeter, and it will return a 0 to 5 volt signal when you crank your engine. This is the switching signal from your Honda ECU, and without it your ignition coil will not operate.

Odyssey No Spark 3

If your ignition coil harness checks out but your coil still refuses to fire your spark plug, you need a replacement. Undo the nut that is holding in the coil on ignition, and replace it immediately to resolve your Honda Odyssey no spark condition.

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